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Catnip for dogs: The Ultimate Dognip guide!

Find out how catnip can help your beloved dog live a healthier life!


Many pet parents believe that catnip is solely beneficial for cats but research shows that catnip can help your dog just as well!

Nepeta Cataria aka catnip is a member of the mint family and is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

There are over 200 species of the genus and in some areas of the world, they are also used for human consumption. Just like how it can help cats & felines relax, catnip is equally beneficial to dogs as well.

Find out more about how catnip can also help your dog calm their doggy nerves!

Article Summary

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What Is Catnip for Dogs a.k.a Dognip?

Catnip is often given to cats due to the soothing effect that it holds. Some cats may get aggressive while others may not react to the plant at all.

This is all because cats have receptors that cause them to react to the substance in the plant called nepetalactone. Dogs have these same receptors in both their noses and stomachs.

Catnip also holds medicinal properties that can help your dog with headaches, and indigestion, stimulate appetite, and of course calm nervousness.

Catnip also contains healthy minerals, vitamins, and essential oils to boost the quality of life for your dog.

Is Catnip/Dognip Bad for Dogs?

The easiest way to answer this question is no, catnip is 100% safe for your dog with no documented side effects at all.

The worst thing that could happen to your dog is that the effectiveness of the plant may decrease if given too much or your dog may get too hyper or calm, but this does not affect your dog’s health in any way, shape, or form.

As mentioned above, not only is catnip 100& safe for your dogs but it is extremely beneficial to your dog’s health. Vitamin C and E, magnesium, flavonoids (phytonutrients), tannins, and essential oils help your dog be the healthiest version of itself.

Keep in mind that just like cats, some dogs do not react to catnip.

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How Does Catnip/Dognip Help My Dogs?

If your beloved dog gets nervous at the vet or during a road trip, catnip will help calm them down. Give them some catnip to eat about 30 minutes before the appointment and watch them relax with no care in the world.

Catnip can also be great for your dog when they are experiencing tummy problems. This includes indigestion nausea and motion sickness. This is due to the fact that catnip contains substances that help ease the stomach.

Another great way to help your dog with catnip is when they are having trouble sleeping. If you have a dog that loves staying up late, try giving them some catnip and watching them fall asleep just like an angel. This can also help regulate your dog’s sleeping patterns!

Catnip also acts as a great antiseptic. If your dog ever gets a cut or scrape, rub some fresh catnip on it. Catnip contains both antibacterial and healing properties that can be a natural solution to your dog’s injuries!

Last but not least, catnip is a great repellent for fleas and mosquitoes. Planting catnip around the house can be a great way to repel all those nasty fleas and ticks. You may also use them directly on your dog’s play area or bed so that it acts as a coat for your dog!

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How Do I Give Catnip/Dognip To My Dogs?

Now that we’ve talked about how beneficial catnip is to your dog, let's talk about how we can appropriately give them catnip!

You can put catnip inside your dog’s favorite toy! This allows them to have fun while ingesting the catnip!

As mentioned above, sprinkling some catnip onto your dog’s bed or playing area will help soothe and relax them especially if you are leaving and your dog has separation anxiety.

Baking dog cookies with catnip as an ingredient! There are quick and easy recipes that you can search on the web to enhance your dog’s experience when giving them catnip!

If you don’t trust yourself in the kitchen then sprinkling some into your dog’s dinner is also another great way to help them ingest catnip. Just keep in mind not to give them too much!

You may also consider giving your dog a fruit/veggie salad with some catnip sprinkled on top.

Make sure to check out this article on which fruits and veggies are safe for your dog to consume as some can be very toxic to them.

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Does Catnip Help With My Dog’s Anxiety?

Unfortunately, many dogs suffer from some form of anxiety. If this is the case for your beloved dog, consider getting catnip for them.

If your dog suffers from chronic anxiety, catnip can also be given daily to help ease their stress.

Another method to help your dog cope with anxiety is Crystal Healing for dogs & cats or better yet since we’re on the subject of catnip, Rose Quartz-infused catnip is sure to help ease your dog’s stress and anxiety.

Merci Collective offers a variety of healing crystal-infused pet accessories that are focused on finding a natural solution to your dog’s health.

Make sure to also check out this article on other ways to treat your dog’s anxiety!

Catnip/Dognip vs CBD Oil for Dogs.

Both oils deriving from Catnip and CBD are 100% safe for your dog. Think of catnip as a budget alternative to CBD oil as real CBD oil can be very expensive for some. CBD oil has longer-lasting effects as it can be built up in your dog’s system if given daily while catnip is short-lived. Always remember to consult with your local veterinarian about any substance you are giving to your dog including catnip and CBD as they are most knowledgeable about your pet’s health and safety.

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FAQ - How Catnip Can Benefit Your Dog's Health

What is catnip for dogs, also known as 'Dognip'?

Dognip is essentially catnip that is used for dogs. It is a member of the mint family with medicinal properties that can benefit dogs by calming nerves, easing stomach issues, stimulating appetite, and more.

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How can catnip help my dog?

What are some ways to give catnip to my dog?

Can catnip help with my dog’s anxiety?

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