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Tips to Help My Dogs and Cats Sleep Better

Just like us humans, a good night's sleep will help your canine friend feel more confident and happy. Here are some tips to make sure your dogs get a good night's sleep!

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For those that work and understand how a good night’s sleep can affect your performance and mood. This is the same for our furry friends, research shows that the quality and length of sleep that they get each night can not only impact their health but their behavior as well. Cats and dogs can act more aggressively and grumpy with all the stress hormones building up. All mammals go through a similar process in our immune system during deep sleep. The hormone melatonin is released and it helps protect our cells while also strengthening the different parts of our immune system.

How Much Sleep Does My Pet Need?

Cats are known to sleep on average 15-20 hours a day. Even with their owners in the house, this doesn’t stop cats from enjoying their daily beauty naps. Dogs, on the other hand, may take brief naps after a walk but will most likely be awake and alert while you’re home. Keep in mind that depending on the size and age of your dog, they may require different hours of rest than others. As your dog grows older into their senior years, it is normal for them to require more rest.

A Great Rule Of Thumb Is:

  • Puppies – 12 to 18 hours a day

  • Adult Dogs – 10 to 14 hours a day

  • Large Breed Adult Dogs – Up to 18 hours a day

  • Senior Dogs – Up to 18 hours or more (depending on health conditions)

What Can I Do To Help My Dog Have a Good Night’s Rest?

There are many different ways to help your pet get a good night’s sleep, but most of it comes from routine. Maintaining a regular exercise routine is key for your cats and dogs to sleep well at night. When walking your dog, try to do this at the same time every day. A great tip is to walk your dog sometime in the evening. This way, you can tire them out by the time you go to sleep and they’ll have a good night’s rest. If you plan to walk them before dinner, wait 30 minutes to feed them after your walk. If you plan to feed them before their walk, wait at least an hour before walking them. Dogs that exercise before or after they eat can develop bloat. Bloat is a digestive problem that can cause a wide range of issues for you and especially your beloved dog.

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What about my cat?

Cats on the other hand may be trickier to deal with. Our feline companions are natural hunters, and just like their ancestors in the past, they sleep all day to save energy for the “hunt” at dawn. Although hard to believe, cats can be leash-trained just like dogs. This would be an ideal situation as you can tire them out just like you do to dogs. An alternative method to tiring out your cat is to play with them. Cat owners all know how much our feline friends love “preying” on targets. Use this to your advantage by having them chase their favorite toy attached to a string. The harder it is to catch the “prey” the more tired your cat will be.

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Can I Use Crystal Healing To Help My Cat/Dog Sleep Better?

Crystal Healing is a practice still used today as a way to deter negative energies and emotions. Consider placing a healing crystal near your pet’s sleeping space to ensure a good night’s sleep. Merci Collective offers a variety of crystal-infused accessories to help your pets relieve themselves of stress and enjoy well-rested nights.

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We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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