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7 Brilliant Ways to Use Crystals for Cats!

Crystals are beautiful. They look amazing wherever you place them. Although crystals make for great decoration pieces, they also serve other purposes. Not many people realize just how powerful crystals are and what they can do.

dog using rose quartz healing crystal roller

There are many uses of crystals that will convince you to make the most of them. For instance, did you know that crystals can also be used for cats?

If you have a cat, you need to leverage its power to make your buddy healthier and happier. To help you put your crystals to good use, we have prepared the ultimate post. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

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Article Summary

How to Use Crystals for Cats

Cats are the most adorable creatures. They are clever and have unique personalities. If you are the proud owner of a senior cat or If your cat has been diagnosed with something horrible and you are looking to help it deal with the pain, we suggest that you consider the following for a speedy recovery

cat legs next to healing crystals

Use Black Obsidian to Treat Loneliness

Black Obsidian does not just look amazing, you can use this powerful stone to treat a lonely cat.

There is a reason why cats are lured by the shine and unique color of Black Obsidian.

Any cat that is suffering from depression or fear can be treated with Black Obsidian. Since you are likely to head to the office and leave your kitty at home, they can end up experiencing depression.

All you need to do is place a pearl around your cat’s neck and let it work its magic. It will not only treat depression but also make your cat a lot happier.

Use Howlite for Strength and Bravery

Not every cat is as brave as you might consider it to be. Howlite is a popular gemstone that has a rejuvenating effect on the wearer.

It revitalizes the chakra points of your kitty and rescues it from weakness and fatigue.

A Howlite is chalky white with dark lines across it. It should be worn by cats to provide them with much-needed strength and determination. It helps build their confidence, which makes them less likely to rebel, bite, and scratch.

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Use Green Aventurine to Purify Vital Organs

As your cat ages, its organs can become compromised. Green aventurine helps to cleanse and purify the liver, kidneys, and spleen. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe any aches and pains associated with age.

Simply place a piece of green aventurine near your cat's food and water bowl, or tuck it into their bed.

Use Clear Quartz to Fight Infections & Strengthen Immune System

When the season changes, it brings with it infections. The easiest way to vaccinate a cat is by turning to a Clear Quartz tonic. It treats allergens, bowel problems, and even indigestion. It works wonders and makes your cat healthier.

Besides, a Clear Quartz will help prevent the spread of infections. If you want your cat to recover quickly, you have to give it a try. It is a lot more effective than you think.

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Use Sodalite to Relax Hyperactivity

Let’s be honest. Cats are prone to hyperactivity just as much as dogs. If you have had German shepherd puppies or any other type of puppies, you would know how difficult it can be to get your puppies to relax, the same is true for cats!

However, you can make things easier with a Sodalite healing crystal. It will help put an end to your feline being hyperactive. Get it to relax with this powerful crystal.

The best thing about Sodalite is that it is a grounding stone that anyone can wear for a breather, including animals.

The next time your kitty comes near you to play a game, you should tie a Sodalite pendant across its neck. It will work her 9th chakra to get her to calm down and take things more lightly.

Use Rose Quartz to Facilitate Bonding

Do you want to have a stronger bond with your feline buddy? Then, you need to use Rose Quartz. It is extremely helpful when it comes to getting your kitten to cope with new parents or a relocation.

Rose Quartz is also useful for managing mood swings. You can rely on Rose Quartz to make your cats more obedient and receptive to training and spending time with you.

Moreover, it is a Godsend for reducing a cat’s aloof demeanor and lessens negative emotions.

Try combining Rose Quartz with catnip. Merci Collective’s catnip is infused with a rose quartz healing crystal. The catnip will make your cat feel so blissful and euphoric while feeling the healing powers of the Rose Quartz.

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Use Amethyst for Healing

Known for its brownish and yellowish color, Amethyst is a powerful gem that you can use to heal cats. It is highly effective when it comes to healing cats and getting them to open up.

There are many uses of Amethyst, including resolving allergies and removing energy blocks. This quintessential healing stone is loved by cat owners for its abilities.

What it does is it balances the sacral chakra and heals multiple areas such as the stomach, skin, intestines, heart, bladder, kidney, and liver.

How to Use Crystals?

  • Crystal Elixir: Place the crystal in a bowl of water and leave it under natural light for a day. Then, remove the crystals and leave the bowl of water for your cat to drink.

  • Crystal Cat Toy: For optimal holistic benefits for your feline friend, consider our cat toy stuffed with a choice of rose quartz, sodalite, or black obsidian, seamlessly integrating crystal healing into their playtime.

  • Massage the Crystals: Another great way to use crystals is by massaging them on your kitty’s body. It will help flush out toxins and facilitate deep bonding.

  • Crystal Collars: Cats can also wear crystal collars to deal with moods, changing seasons, and depression.

  • Crystal spa day: Try Merci Collective’s grooming line to treat your cat to some pampering. The grooming products are infused with the healing crystal of your choice, so you also get the powers of the crystal. What more could your cat want?

Crystals have been used for various purposes since time immemorial. If you have crystals at home, you need to leverage their properties to heal your kitty. However, you should avoid choking hazards by being careful when using crystals.You can also place the crystals on the ground and let your cat decide which one it likes most since it knows best how it is feeling.

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