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Crystal Healing & Reiki For Cats ands Dogs

Crystal Healing & Reiki come hand in hand and can be great tools to heal your cats and dogs. Find out how Crystal Healing & Reiki can promote a better life for your beloved pets.

dog in a reiki session with healing crystal

Crystal Healing & Reiki are healing methods both used to reduce stress and anxiety, restore the mind, body, and soul as well as relieve ailments in ourselves - but what about Reiki & Crystal Healing in dogs and cats?

Article Summary

Why Are Crystals So Good For Cats & Dogs?

Healing Crystals can be extremely beneficial in balancing the flow of energy within the body of cats and dogs.

Similar to humans, animals have chakra systems throughout their bodies that may have a negative and positive effect on their emotions.

If put out of balance, your dog and cat’s mood may change drastically and can lead to other mental and physical illnesses.

Animals tend to absorb the energy around them but they can also radiate energy outwards.

Healing crystals are stones that are formed in different ways from Mother Earth through different temperatures and pressures.

These crystals hold vibrational frequencies that can help heal the energies found within your cats and dogs.

Healing crystals offer protection and health aids that your pets can absorb and live a happier life.

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What Does Crystal Healing It Do To My Cats & Dogs?

All healing crystals have different healing properties that will benefit your cats and dogs. Some healing crystals offer protection and ward off negative energies while others act as a healing tool for respiratory, circulatory, and digestive problems. These healing crystals are also able to reduce feelings of aggression, fear, and anxiety. Healing crystal such as the Clear Quartz crystal is widely known by crystal enthusiasts to be the “master healer”. This healing crystal not only balances and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of your dogs and cats but also amplifies the healing properties of other crystals. Many dog & cat owners who utilize this healing crystal have stated that it helps tremendously during obedience training as it increases the focus as well as the communication between the pet and its human. Another widely recognized healing crystal is the Black Obsidian. Known by many animal and crystal enthusiasts as the stone that greatly helps with separation anxiety. Especially during the recent COVID quarantine, many of our pets have learned to have us around at all times, but now that vaccines are slowly rolling out around the world, life is returning to normal. This means that we may have to leave our pets home alone. This healing crystal does a great job of creating an atmosphere of safety and security in its vicinity. It soothes the nerves of your cats and dogs and emits feelings of peace.

How Should I Utilize Crystal Healing For My Pets?


These healing crystals will work great if put around the house.

Placing it near your cat or dog’s sleeping area or even their favorite hang-out spot will ensure they have a peaceful environment to sleep in.

An even better solution is to have your dogs and cats wear them as a collar, harness, or accessory.

Infusing these crystals into their beds or water bowls is also a great way to fully utilize the healing properties of healing crystals.

When taking your dog (or cat) out for a walk, you can use our Merci Collective Crystal Infused Water Bottle as a way to soothe their nerves when outside of the house.

The ideal sign to look out for is to see your pet exhibiting relaxed and stress-free behavior. Are they showing signs of a good appetite and playful energy?

What is Reiki?

The word “Reiki” is a Japanese term derived from the words “higher power” and “life force energy”. It was popularized in the 20th century and is used for spiritual healing, stress relief as well as self-improvement.

Reiki practitioners can channel “ki” or “energy” through their hands to balance and unblock the body’s energy centers and pathways to support the body’s ability to heal itself.

Reiki is said to promote relaxation, boost sleep, and ease physical pain while also improving the quality of life.

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How Does Reiki Work On Cats & Dogs?

As mentioned above, Reiki masters and practitioners can channel energy through their hands and into the body of their patients, or in this case, your beloved dogs and cats.

Reiki can help ease the stress and anxieties that may have been caused by emotional trauma or physical abuse.

This method of healing is a gentle way to provide comfort and ease their transition into a better and happier life.

What is a typical reiki session for dogs and cats?

Reiki treatments for cats & dogs usually last 45 minutes or more depending on the animal.

Some dogs or cats may be timid and fearful of touch at first but will eventually warm up to the Reiki master.

Receiving Reiki “hands-on” is not necessary for the healing process as Reiki practitioners can place their hands at a slight distance for it to work.

Some practitioners will offer remote sessions.

What's The Link Between Reiki And Healing Crystals?


Reiki has everything to do with the various energies that can help with reducing inflammation, relieving stress & anxiety, as well as encouraging emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. The energies that come from healing crystals can be used by Reiki practitioners to strengthen and amplify the healing effects that come from this form of healing. As mentioned above crystals such as Clear quartz can amplify other crystals. The clear quartz can also amplify other energies that are focused through it, giving Reiki practitioners a tool to strengthen their healing technique.

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FAQ: Crystal Healing & Reiki For Cats and Dogs

What is Crystal Healing & Reiki?

Crystal Healing & Reiki are holistic methods used for reducing stress, anxiety, and various ailments in both humans and pets. They focus on restoring the balance of mind, body, and soul.

Why are crystals recommended for cats and dogs?

What exactly is Reiki?

How does Reiki work for cats and dogs?

How do Reiki and Healing Crystals connect?

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