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Merci Collective's Product Care.

Biothane & Cactus Leather

Your new accessory is crafted with luxury and lifestyle in mind. Our eco-friendly materials are either made of Biothane, a vegan coated webbing, or leather made of vegan cactus for ultimate comfort and exceptional durability designed for both you and your pet - in style.

Cactus Leather

The quality and nature of the cactus are not only unique to our products but also made from exclusive industry-leading materials highly sustainable and eco-friendly.
This product is highly organic and like your skin, requires care. However, the material is resilient by nature and designed to resist making it easy to maintain by observing a few precautions detailed below in this page.


Biothane is a robust, synthetic material, known for its durability and resistance to water, dirt, and odors. It combines the strength of webbing with a coating, providing the appearance and feel of leather while being vegan and offering superior longevity and ease of maintenance. Biothane retains its functionality and aesthetic appeal in all weather conditions, making it a favorite choice for pet owners globally.

How to clean

It's normal for Biothane to acquire stains from hardware contact. Remove dirt, stai,n or debris with a soft clean cloth or microfiber towel.

Extra dirt

When extra cleaning is required, use a small amount of shampoo on a clean cloth.


Never use harsh chemicals or household cleaning products. Never use acetone to clean the material.


Do not place hot objects on the material

Care Instructions

Crystal Care

Crystal healing is a natural technique that utilizes the unique energies in crystal gems to improve the well-being of your pets.

Crystal healing provides a steady flow of support and helps restore the emotional balance that often is the source of those unwanted behaviors in our pets.

Consistency is critical to healing, but even crystals need a break. That’s why it’s important to care for your gemstones with the same care you would offer your loved companion.

Crystals and gemstones constantly emit positive energy outwards, however, they also still receive those residual negative energies from environments around them.

Ideally, we suggest cleansing crystals every couple of weeks to offer your stone a little emotional break.


Here’s how to cleanse:

Sun Tanning

Leave your gemstone in the sun to soak up those glowing rays of light.

Moonlight Charge

Let the magnetic light of the moon radiate onto your stone at night.

Sage smudge

Give your crystal a little aroma therapy by lighting some sage, incense, or sweet grass.

Care Instructions

Urban Oasis Use & Care

Discover hydration reimagined with the Merci Collective Urban Oasis water bottle, an innovative accessory designed for the discerning pet owner.


This isn't just a water bottle; it's a statement of care and luxury for your beloved companion. Crafted with precision, the Urban Oasis bottle transcends functionality, infusing your pet's drinking experience with the purifying essence of natural crystals

1. Filling Up your Bottle
  • Remove the detachable cup from the bottle

  • Fill with fresh water

2. Cleaning your Bottle
  • Put apart pieces 1, 3, 4 & and 5 of your Urban Oasis

  • Hand wash the cup piece, healing crystal, & and bamboo lid with mild soap - Dishwasher can be used for the glass piece.

  • Dry the bamboo lid immediately after washing to prevent decay

  • From time to time cleanse your crystal by following the methods listed above

3. Anti-Leak Button
  • Dial the button to the left for water blockage

  • Dial the button to the right for water release

Care Instructions

Urban Oasis in Video

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