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Sodalite - The Expression Crystal That'll Soothe your Dog & Cat

Updated: May 6

Sodalite is a healing crystal known to soothe and calm hyperactive dogs and cats. If you have a dog or a cat that loves tearing your sofa apart, this is your crystal.


Article Summary

What does Sodalite do for my dog or cat?

The Sodalite healing crystal is recommended for dogs and cats with aggressive tendencies, it calms and soothes overactive minds and nerves.

Like many healing crystals, the Sodalite healing crystal is a specialist in dog/cat stress-relieving, but it packs a little extra calming energy when it comes to soothing a hyperactive dog or cat.

Sodalite healing stone is also responsible for healing and balancing your dog’s & cat's energy.

Does it seem like you’re unable to understand what your dog or cat needs? Does your little pal seem overly anxious?

With Sodalite in your dog’s or cat's vicinity, their needs will become more obvious to you and you’ll notice them take on a more relaxed vibe. For really hyperactive dogs, Sodalite paired with a Clear Quartz stone would make a powerhouse combination.

Healing Specialties of Sodalite for dogs or cats.

  • Reduces Inflammation, in both the body and mind.

  • Boosts the self-esteem of your dog or cat. It helps if your dog/cat is defensive and anxious due to a lack of confidence.

  • Promotes sleep and reduces fatigue of your dog

  • Calms panic attacks

  • Encourages self-trust

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Behavior Aid for dogs or cats that are

  • Aggressive dogs and aggressive cats, especially those that bark or growl.

  • Attention-seeking, neediness, or a dog/cat that has an inability to self-soothe.

  • Female dogs and cats in heat always need a little something to calm down during the hormonal time of the month.

fluffy small beige dog wearing sodalite crystal healing vegan cactus leather dog harness

Where to use Sodalite for my dog or cat?

Armed with Sodalite in their doggie bowl, dog harness, or dog collar, Sodalite will create balanced and harmonious vibrations for your dog or cat.

Sodalite is a powerful healing stone that is guaranteed to help your dog and cat come into alignment and ease his stress and hyperactivity.

While most stones of expression are blue in color to match the throat chakra, Sodalite can also be found in white.

This stone packs a double whammy by being infused with both source energy and the power to soothe and balance your dog’s/cat's energy.

With Sodalite, your dog or cat will not only be balanced, but they’ll become wiser, stronger, and more playful.

If your dog or cat struggles with fear, antisocial, or aggressive behavior, now is the time to consider introducing them to Sodalite.

You’ll find that this crystal will become your dog’s and cat's newest best friend.

We know how hard it is watching your dog or cat run and hide in fear at the sight of large crowds or loud noises.

But with Sodalite, your dog or cat will become fearless and ready to join in on all the fun and games.

In no time at all, they’ll be the life of the party.

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