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How to Reduce My Dog’s Chewing Tendencies?

Destructive chewing behavior in dogs can be due to many reasons. These are 6 ways you can reduce chewing behavior in your canine friend!

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A common problem that a lot of dog owners face is finding unexpected damage to their furniture, shoes, and other valuable items.

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs and chewing accomplishes a number of things for dogs. Puppies tend to chew to relieve pain when their teeth are growing in, older dogs will chew to keep their jaws strong and teeth clean.

Dogs also like to chew when they’re bored or have anxiety and/or frustration they want to relieve.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent your dog from becoming a serial chewer!

Article Summary

Understand Your Dog

Rule out potential problems that could cause chewing behaviors. Separation anxiety and other fear-related issues can cause your dog to relieve stress through destructive means. Whining, barking, pacing, and panting when it’s not hot are some clear indications that your dog is suffering from anxiety. For more information about separation anxiety in dogs, check out this article, Separation Anxiety in Dogs. If you come to find out that your dog has severe anxiety, it is recommended to consult your local vet and have him find a better solution.

Tips to Reduce Your Dog’s Chewing Tendencies.

Provide a Variety of dog toys

Dogs love to chew so providing toys in different sizes and textures will help stimulate your dog’s brain enough that they won’t have to chew on things they aren’t supposed to chew on

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Keep Valuables Out of the Reach of your Dog

Just like babies, it is wise to keep items out of their reach.

Dogs can be especially attracted to items with our scent on them.

Underwear and socks are examples of items that you should keep away from your dog.

Teach them from a young age that your clothes are not their toy!

If left unsupervised they could start chewing on shoes or other items with your scent on them.

Beat your Dog's Boredom

Boredom is one key reason why dogs like to chew. Walking your dog every day will help stimulate their minds and promote sleep in their behavior. More Sleeping = Less Stress.

Another way to beat the boredom is to promote your dog's mental stimulation by using enrichment toys. At Merci Collective we designed an excellent toy to beat boredom.

Check out the Shine On toy and watch out for ideas and tips to put it to use with fun recipes.

Deterrent Sprays For Dogs

Bitter-tasting deterrent sprays are one way to stop your dog from chewing. Make sure the product you buy is safe and approved by the FDA.

Discourage Wrong Dog Chewing Behavior

If you find your dog chewing on something they shouldn’t be, let them know by making an “eh” or an “ah” sound but never yell at them.

Give them the toy they should be chewing and when they continue chewing, praise them so they understand that is the correct behavior.

Crystal Healing for Dogs

Crystal Healing for dogs is a technique used to ward off negative emotions and energy.

Some healing crystals can reduce stress and anxiety to stop destructive and chewing behavior.

For more information about Crystal Healing Products, please visit

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