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Calm Your Dogs and Cats With The Merci Collective Pet Playlist On Spotify!

Check out the Merci Collective Pet Playlist created specifically for the emotional needs of your dogs and cats.


Traces of music have been found throughout history in almost all civilizations that have existed.

Music has not only been a way to express artistic ideas but also an outlet to reduce stress and soothe our nerves.

Just like us humans, dogs and cats can also benefit from the wonders of music.

Article Summary

Will a Music Playlist Really Calm My Dogs and Cats?

According to a psychoacoustics (the study of sound perception) study done on shelter dogs and cats, researchers were able to find that certain types of music were able to reduce anxiety, lower heart rates, and even reduce certain behavioral challenges such as extended barking or meowing.

A deeper analysis of the subject concluded that just like us humans, certain sound waves from music that the brain processes will, in turn, create an emotional response in dogs and cats.

For example, just like how loud music may incite more adrenaline, repetitive and gentle noises can soothe and relax the nerves.

Dogs suffering from any form of anxiety will most likely exhibit calmer behavior when introduced to our Merci Collective Pet Playlist or any other music therapy playlist.

What Types Of Music Should I Play for My Dogs and Cats?

men playing music for his dog

Dogs and cats seem to respond best to the music their owners enjoy because of the special bond you share with them.

If you often play a specific genre of music in the house, your dogs and cats will learn to associate the sound with your presence.

This gives them a feeling of warmth when they are alone as it reminds them of you.

Soft music with slow and steady beats helps calm agitated animals.

Many pets going through a tough and stressful time seem to really enjoy classical music.

Other genres such as new age, soft jazz, country music, southwest music, or even just sound from nature can be really soothing for your beloved dogs and cats.

If your dogs and cats look lethargic and depressed, you can always turn up the volume or play music genres that can bring out the energy in them.

Music with a more driving or upbeat tempo can energize their emotions and encourage them to be more playful.

Genres such as rock, EDM, and rap may get your dog to start wagging their tail or a cat to get the zoomies. You should play the music for at least 10-15 minutes at a time to get your pet in the right mood.

Once again, any music that you play on a regular basis whether it’s Mozart or Drake will help your beloved animal to identify that sound with your comforting presence.

Even if your dogs and cats have no issues with anxiety or stress, playing familiar music that reminds them of you will help them feel better about your absence.

How Did We Create The Merci Collective Dog and Cat Music Playlist?

It has been proven that music compositions that use longer, sustained notes, consistent rhythm, and slower tempo with less complexity are the ideal types of music for dogs and cats.

Music genres that utilize steady tempo on the drums such as Reggae, soft rock, and even classical music can really help calm the nerves of your canine and feline friend suffering from stress and anxiety.

We also spent some time learning a thing or two from Gnash (a talented singer, songwriter, and rapper) when creating our special Dog & Cat Pet Playlist.

Where and When Should I Play Calming Music for My Dogs and Cats?

There are many situations where music from our pet playlist can benefit your dogs and cats.

  • The adjustment period is when you first bring home a new dog or cat.

Moving into a new environment with new faces can be stressful for anyone. Play the Merci Collective Pet Playlist to reduce the stress and anxiety that your new family member may go through.

  • Whenever you put your dog or cat in the kennel.

Whether it's bedtime, or visitor time, playing some therapeutic music for your dogs and cats when they are in the kennel can help them feel relaxed and get some much-needed sleep.

  • Whenever you leave your dog and cat home alone.

If your dogs or cats experience separation anxiety, playing therapy music for them can surely help them deal with the thought of not having you around. Keep in mind to also play music for them when you’re at home so that they don’t learn that when you turn on music, it means you’re leaving. This will add another trigger to their separation anxiety.

  • During thunderstorms or fireworks.

Loud noises from the outside world can be very scary, especially if you don’t know what it is or where it comes from. Playing therapy music during thunderstorms or fireworks will greatly calm your cats and dogs down.

  • Whenever you bring your dog and cats to the veterinarian.

If your dogs or cats hate going to the veterinarian, whether for a shot or even a simple checkup, choose a couple of songs to play from our playlist and watch them relax.

  • When traveling in a car to reduce stress and anxiety.

For the most part, a short car ride shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but for longer road trips, it is recommended to play several soothing songs to help reduce your pet’s anxiety and stress.

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