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  • Jill Raaijmakers

Leo Cats & Dogs: All About Your Pet's Zodiac Sign

So, is your fur cat or dog a Leo? That's great news. Did you know that their zodiac sign says so much more about your pet?

In this blog, you will have the chance to get to understand your Leo cat or dog even better than you already do.

Leo Cat and Dog Laying in the Sun

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about your Leo cat or dog

What does their Zodiac Sign say about your Leo Dog?

Leo dogs are one of a kind, really.

As the name of this zodiac sign may indicate, Leo dogs are the kings and queens of the pack.

They love to be in the spotlight and don’t hesitate to let you know just that.

Leo dogs are not afraid to use their voice, or should I say barks and howls, to direct your attention to them.

As a proud parent of your Leo dog, they should be at the center of your attention at all times.

In addition, this sign is really empathetic, and Leo dogs will naturally bring the rest of the pack with them. As this comes so naturally, other zodiac signs just easily gravitate towards all the Leos out there.

Being true empaths, Leo dogs just crave and feed off of social situations. Whereas other zodiac signs may feel drained after a long day playing with other pups, Leo dogs need it to recharge their social battery.

They would absolutely love a weekly playdate with their furry friends! Or just take them on the road with you, Leo dogs just love to discover new things, people, and dogs.

Leo dogs are real kings and queens, and with that in mind, they don’t like taking orders from anyone. It may be a bit more difficult to train this particular zodiac sign.

However, when they know all eyes will be on them, the tricks will come more easily.

This fire sign likes to be the center of attention after all.

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What does their Zodiac Sign say about your Leo Cat?

Leo cats are just like a lion, which is the big cat of the feline zodiac sign. Leo cats want to be the center of attention at all times and will do anything to make you notice them.

So, look out for any cats running around the house, climbing on your counter, and just anything for you to notice them.

Just like the name implies, Leo cats are spicy, you will always know you have them.

This zodiac sign is extremely stubborn and will definitely test your limits.

Expect them to bring “trophies” to the house, like birds, or rodents. If they want to bring these home, they will. No matter what you think of it.

Leo cats will just do the craziest things, and whatever they feel like doing. Do they need a hug at 2 AM? Oh, they will surely get that hug at 2 AM.

Their shenanigans will definitely make for the best and funniest Instagram pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if they go viral one day.

Make sure to give your Leo cat plenty of playtimes and tire them out every now and then.

They are little furry balls of energy, which they have to leave somewhere.

So, if you don’t want your newly painted wall destroyed, give them a toy or something to play with. Trust me on this one.

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The Perfect Crystal Match for your Leo Pet: Black Obsidian

The Black Obsidian is the perfect healing crystal for your Leo pet.

This crystal relieves any negative emotions your pet may have when you are away.

While this is a great healing crystal for pets that suffer from separation anxiety, it is also the perfect crystal for attention seekers.

We all know Leo's pets just LOVE to be the center of attention.

Your Leo dog will absolutely love the All Eyes On Me Collar combined with the Black Obsidian Healing crystal.

Your pup will look so stylish wearing this collar while getting all the benefits from the healing crystal.

This collar is made from Biothane, which is SUPER durable. The perfect collar for a fiery Leo pup.

The Leo cats among us will thrive with the Happy Together cat toy infused with Rose Quartz, Sodalite, or Black Obsidian and Catnip.

Leo cats just need a toy to relieve energy and stay busy. The Catnip in this toy will make your cat feel full of bliss, while the Rose Quartz ensures calmness.

So, what’s not love?

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Fun Facts about Your Leo Pet

This fire sign is depicted by the lion, and that clearly shines through.

Your Leo pet is the king or queen of the jungle (read: your home), and loves every minute of it.

Ruled by the sun, Leo's lucky day is Sunday. This sign is always in the spotlight and will do anything to aim the spotlight on them, so be prepared for some goofy moments.

Sunday is the perfect day to treat your Leo dog to a day at the dog park to recharge their social battery. Take your Leo cat on an adventure of their own, where all your attention can be focused on them.

Watch out for the spine and back in general of your beloved Leo pet. This is a known weak spot of this zodiac sign.

Probably because they are constantly balancing on their hind legs like they are true circus performers.

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FAQ: Understanding Your Leo Pet

What characteristics might a Leo dog exhibit?

Leo dogs are known for their love of the spotlight, strong vocal expressions, and empathy towards others. They enjoy being the center of attention, thrive in social settings, and may exhibit some stubbornness in training.

How does a Leo cat behave?

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Why is Black Obsidian a good crystal for Leo pets?

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