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  • Jill Raaijmakers

Virgo Cats & Dogs: The Meticulous & Mysterious of the Zodiac

Astrology and the zodiac signs can tell so much more about us and our beloved pets. Often we get to know them even better than we already did! This time we are looking at all the Virgo cats and dogs.

So, if you want to know more about your Virgo companion, listen up!

Virgo dog next to owner on beige background

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about your Virgo cat or dog

What can you Learn about your Virgo Dog?

Virgos are truly the most practical of the canine zodiac signs. Virgo dogs analyze every and any situation they encounter, even if it doesn’t involve them. This is the dog that makes pros and cons lists, rather than letting their emotions guide them, which makes a Virgo dog super logical. Besides, Virgo dogs are always seeking perfection. This means that they are one of the best listeners out there. So, when it comes to training a Virgo dog, they will do anything to do the best possible job, involving treats of course. This sign is also really reliable, you can just always count on your Virgo dog to be there. They are there for their owners as well as other dogs in the pack, a Virgo dog leads by example. Virgos know they can be counted on and are confident in their abilities. Not to mention, Virgo dogs have amazing intuition, they are right about everything. With that being said, this sign knows how to communicate as well. I mean, is there something they’re not good at?! Virgo dogs pick up on everything and are not afraid to let you know their opinion. Would they come across a person they have a bad feeling about? They will bark to let you know. Same with other dogs, and just anything basically. This earth sign loves being one with nature, that is no surprise, right? This is where they can let their guard down, and just recharge. In addition, they highly value their routines. Have a set weekly walk through the park with your Virgo companion, for example.

What can you Learn about your Virgo Cat?

Virgo cats are extremely hardworking, you will rarely catch them taking a nap as opposed to other cats' zodiac signs.

They are always busy doing something, whether it’s playing with their favorite toy, keeping themselves as clean as possible, or killing every bug in sight.

A Virgo cat is always on high alert. Unlike Leo cats, Virgo cats do not like to be the center of attention.

They keep busy on the sidelines and know exactly what is going on and where.

This sign may even come across as a shy animal, but don’t let that fool you. Once they are 100% comfortable, they won’t lack any confidence when it comes to their elaborate skill set.

Besides, Virgo cats are just so elegant. Their walk looks like it comes straight from the runway, or should I say catwalk.

In addition to their elegance, Virgo cats have amazing and characteristic features. It is almost impossible not to spot a Virgo cat in the wild.

Just like their furry other halves, Virgo dogs, Virgo cats are also big fans of their daily habits and routines.

Don’t bother shaking this up, unless you want to risk a deadly gaze from your feline friend. I’ll leave that up to you.

So, make sure you have a set daily playtime, or a weekly spa day. I promise your Virgo cat will love you forever and ever.

Catnip for Cats and Dogs infused with Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

What is your Virgo Pets Perfect Healing Crystal Match?

Chevron Amethyst is the perfect healing crystal match for your Virgo pet.

Virgo pets are naturally hardworking and always analyzing everything. Chevron Amethyst ensures a calm energy, which will give your pet a break from all the work they’ve been doing.

Virgo dogs will LOVE crystal catnip for dogs. Catnip is not just for cats, and your dog can greatly benefit from it as well.

Cats will feel euphoric and blissful paired with the feline version of the Zoomies. When catnip is used on dogs it will reduce feelings of anxiety, and they will just feel really calm and at ease.

The catnip is infused with a Rose Quartz healing crystal, which ensures a sense of serenity. Just what a Virgo dog needs from time to time.

It is no secret that Virgo cats always keep themselves as clean as possible.

They will absolutely love to be pampered with the Merci Collective grooming line.

This way you take the hard work of keeping themselves clean out of their hands, and turn it into a spa day they oh so deserve.

The products are infused with the Chevron Amethyst, which will put them on a whole new level of relaxation.

Fun Facts about Your Virgo Pet

Virgo pets are a true Earth sign and love to be one with nature. It is so calming to them.

This zodiac sign is depicted by the corn maiden.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury and their lucky day is Wednesday.

Have this be the day that’s all about them, and it is also a routine when you do something fun with your Virgo pet every Wednesday.

Look out for their nervous system and gut health, as these often are interrelated. These are weak spots of Virgo pets.

Pet Accessories GIA Certified Infused with Chevron Amethyst

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