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  • Jill Raaijmakers

A Zodiac Guide to Cancer Cats & Dogs

Did you know you could learn more about your cancer cat or dog through their zodiac sign?

So, are you ready to get to know your pet on a whole other level?

Cancer dog portrait on dark background

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about your Cancer cat or dog

Article Summary

What do you need to know about your Cancer Dog?

So, your dog’s zodiac sign is cancer. Which, you might have already guessed by looking at their personality traits.

Cancer dogs are a different breed when it comes to the canine zodiac signs and not only their actual breed.

This zodiac sign is extremely intuitive, gentle, emotional, and overall just different from any other sign. Besides, Cancer dogs are so emotional and compassionate. The word 'logic' does not exist in their world.

This water sign is ruled by whatever they are feeling, or what they desire. Rather than doing what is in their best interest or acting on logic.

This makes them extremely compassionate and loyal creatures. You won’t ever be in doubt whether they love you or not.

Your Cancer dog is your ride-or-die, truly.

Being controlled by their emotions is what makes this sign complex at the same time.

Because they are so in their head at times, it takes a bit of guessing to know what your dog is feeling, as this is also one of the more closed-off zodiac signs out there.

On the other hand, Cancer dogs can be pessimistic and get in their feelings.

For example, if you always take your dog on a Starbucks run, and this one time you go without them, or don’t get them a pup cup, your dog might think it’s on purpose.

This sign finds it difficult to look at certain situations logically. Just make sure to let them know you did not do it on purpose.

What do you need to know about your Cancer Cat?

Just like Cancer dogs, Cancer cats are extremely emotional and sensitive.

There is no other zodiac sign that is more caring than Cancer, often called the true nurturer of the feline zodiac signs.

So, if you are the proud pawrent of a Cancer cat, expect all the hugs and kisses in the world, because when they love you, they LOVE you and won’t hesitate to let you know exactly that.

There’s no in-between here, as they’re mainly led by emotion.

Being emotional can be very overwhelming. That is why you often find your cat in a dark or quiet spot at home.

This is their time to themselves and to recharge. Emotions take over the best of us sometimes.

That being said, make sure your cat has a cozy spot to relax at. You would make them really happy with a snuggle bed or blanket that is truly theirs.

Your Cancer Pet's Perfect Crystal Match

The Howlite is the perfect healing crystal for your Cancer companion.

The Howlite will help them feel more energetic and social. This is something they need help with sometimes, don’t we all?

Your Cancer dog will really like the Baby It’s You Collar. They can wear it around the house and look stylish at all times.

I mean, who doesn’t want to look stylish? Plus, you get all the benefits of wearing a crystal-embedded collar.

Cancer Cats will thrive with the Merci Collective Catnip.

Catnip makes your feline friend feel full of bliss and euphoria, which makes them come out of their shell a little bit.

Your Cancer cat can get in their feels easily, as they’re let by all of their emotions. Catnip will turn your grumpy cat into a happy cat again.

Bonus, our catnip is infused with Rose Quartz, which will make your cat feel safe and comfortable.

Rose Quartz Infused Catnip from Merci Collective Shop Now

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Fun Facts about Your Cancer Pet

Cancer is a water sign, which could describe your Cancer pet to some extent.

Cancer pets are emotional, compassionate, and intuitive. They can represent calm waters, rocky waters, and everything in between.

Adding to this, this zodiac sign is depicted by the crab, a true water animal.

Cancer pets are ruled by the moon, and it is no surprise that Monday is their lucky day. Make it your pet’s special day to treat them a little extra.

Cancer’s weak spots are the belly and digestive system. Being so emotional can make them anxious at times, which can show itself through belly aches or digestive issues.

FAQ - A Zodiac Guide to Cancer Cats & Dogs

How are Cancer dogs typically described?

Cancer dogs are described as extremely intuitive, gentle, emotional, and compassionate. They are deeply loyal and are often controlled by their emotions, making them unique among canine zodiac signs.

How do Cancer cats usually behave?

What crystal is recommended for Cancer pets?

What are some fun facts about Cancer pets?

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