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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Healing Crystals For Your Dogs and Pups!

Healing Crystals have many beneficial properties that can be an aid to your dog’s emotional, mental and physical needs! Find out what the best healing crystals are for your dogs!

Healing crystals for dog and cat

Crystal Healing, an ancient healing method still widely used today by shamans and crystal enthusiasts to heal the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of not just themselves, but their beloved dogs.

There are many healing crystals that can help your dog and puppy in different ways. Keep reading to find out which healing crystals are the best for your dog!

Article Summary

Black Obsidian For Dogs.


Potentially one of the most widely used healing crystals for dog aid. The beautiful Black Obsidian Healing Crystal reduces feelings of loneliness and soothes the nerves of your dogs when left alone.

No wonder why many dog parents utilize this healing crystal to counteract separation anxiety.

Other than being a great dog sitter, this healing crystal also increases and strengthens the creativity in your dogs, allowing them to learn new tricks at a much faster pace.

Creativity leads to higher intelligence which in turn leads to better perceptive abilities such as accessing a situation better before instinctively running in.

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Chevron Amethyst For Dogs.


Known as the Dog Tooth Amethyst for its “V” shaped pattern.

The Chevron Amethyst is said to emit a chill vibe and reduce your dog’s need to bark.

Barking might be seen as disobedient behavior but in fact, dogs tend to bark when they are anxious.

This healing crystal does the perfect job to reduce these anxieties and panic attacks and allow your dogs to live a more free, easy-going life.

Elderly dogs can greatly benefit from this healing crystal as it also reduces joint pain and muscle aches.

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Rose Quartz For Dogs.


Known widely as the crystal of unconditional love.

The beautiful Rose Quartz, as the name suggests, attracts and emits a wonderful aura of love and contentment.

If you know that your dog has been through past abuse or trauma, this healing stone is meant to open their little hearts up again.

Rose Quartz is another crystal that is used by many for its healing properties.

It speeds up the process of your dog opening up to you which in turn creates a better bonding experience for the both of you.

The crystal is also said to begin healing physical injuries at a faster rate and also reduces tension in the muscle.

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Clear Quartz For Dogs.


The “Master Healer” of all crystals. The Clear Quartz is known by many crystal enthusiasts as a stone that amplifies and strengthens the healing aura of other crystals. By itself, it increases focus and communication for better training and also cleanses and rids the body of any negative toxins while also strengthening the immune system. To make the most out of your Clear Quartz, put other healing crystals whether it be the Rose Quartz or even the Black Obsidian to maximize the healing potential on those healing crystals. Check out our shop and discover our Clear Quartz infused water bottle for your dog!

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Howlite For Dogs.


Known as “white turquoise” for its beautiful white color.

The Howlite specializes in growing and strengthening confident emotions in your dogs.

The feelings of bravery, courage, and determination are all part of the healing agenda for this healing crystal.

Shy dogs that find it hard to socialize or dogs that resort to biting furniture to better cope with their anxieties will greatly benefit from the Howlite.

This healing stone is also said to aid dogs with soft tissue problems and increase calcium levels for a healthier skeletal system.

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Sodalite For Dogs.


Known for its calming ability in hyperactive and aggressive dogs.

The Sodalite is a powerful and beautiful blue crystal that is guaranteed to help your dog balance their emotions.

As mentioned above, biting and barking can be due to many reasons that stem from anxiety and this healing crystal helps your dog understand that everything is going to be alright.

Not only will the Sodalite calm the biting and the barking but also help reduce inflammation in both the body and the mind while also boosting self-esteem and clearing insecurities in your defensive dogs.

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Smoky Quartz For Dogs.


Known as Morion, which is the German, Danish, Spanish and Polish synonym for Smoky Quartz. This Healing Crystal acts purely as a protection amulet that focuses on maintaining all the positive aura built around it instead of creating more. A great crystal to have for multiple pets at home as it creates a safe and grounding environment that helps all your pets socialize. The Smoky Quartz also eases any form of pain your dog might be experiencing and also rejuvenates the muscles in your dog. Any ailments related to the reproductive and nervous systems will also be healed by the Smoky Quartz.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine Healing crystal for dog

Known as the "Stone of Opportunity," the Green Aventurine boasts a beautiful green shade and belongs to the Quartz family.

Originating from the Italian term "a Ventura" (by chance), this healing crystal was discovered in the 18th century. It primarily consists of quartz, often interspersed with mica, varying from pale to deep forest green.

For pets transitioning to new environments or recovering from past traumas, Green Aventurine acts as a powerful ally. It emphasizes deep purification, especially of the vital organs, and aids in adapting to change.

Moreover, the crystal is acclaimed for its ability to alleviate tumors and regenerate the heart of your pet. For those furry companions with histories of trauma, it provides emotional healing and an uplifted physical state. It instills strength, joy, and the confidence to face a new day with enthusiasm.

From a behavioral perspective, it combats anxiety and fear, promoting confidence. It also ensures resilience against stress and supports pets experiencing vital organ diseases.

However, a word of caution: given its growth properties, it's not recommended for pets with cancer as it might enhance cancer cell proliferation.

To optimize its healing potential, place Green Aventurine near your pet's favorite spot or even better infuse it in their water to create a Green Aventurine infused water elixir. Witness the transformation as your pet becomes more vibrant and confident.

Tourmaline Quartz For Dogs.


A combination of the Clear Quartz and the Tourmaline. The Tourmaline Quartz holds the healing properties of both the Clear Quartz and the Tourmaline. Similar to the smoky quartz as a protection amulet, this crystal purifies the energy around it, getting rid of any negative auras that dare to come near. This healing crystal also heals ailments in the digestive tract while detoxifying the body from any unwanted toxins. The Tourmaline Quartz is also said to strengthen the immune system to help relieve any kinds of body aches and sores. Check out our shop and see our beautiful Tourmaline Quartz infused water bottle for on-the-go adventures!

If you are still unsure on which healing crystal you should get for your dog (or cat), check out the Merci Collective Healing Crystal Quiz and we might be able to help!

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Remember, while crystals can provide positive energies and benefits, they should be used as a complementary therapy and not replace medical advice and treatments.

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We hope you found this article helpful and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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