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  • Jill Raaijmakers

Do you want to Learn More about your Pisces Pet's Personality?

Your pet's zodiac sign says a lot about who they are and what their personality is like.

Do you think you know your pet? You will learn even more about your Pisces cat or dog, and create an even stronger bond.

Pisces Cats and Dogs with a Pink Background

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about your Pisces pet

What is the Personality of a Pisces Dog?

Pisces dogs are the dreamiest Zodiac sign of all. Daydreaming is their second nature. They are also highly sensitive and intuitive. Your Pisces pet will always pick up on your emotions, whether they are good or bad. Make sure to practice self-care to keep you and your pet in check. They may also be insanely clingy, and follow you around the house all day. However, this water sign does have boundaries. This means they might not want to be on your lap 24/7. Helping others is their true calling. They will always be there to help, fur or no fur. Being a superhero all day often comes at their expense. Because of this personality trait, they will seek their alone time, a Pisces dog will always have a secret spot in the house that they can run off to. This water sign does not thrive in routines. They are dreamers, and because of that, it is important to keep them stimulated physically and mentally, try challenging them by changing their routine, so their days do not always go as usual. Since Pisces pets like to daydream the day away, spice things up every once in a while. Try new treats, surprise them with a new toy, or change up your usual walk. Pisces dogs in summary:

  • Dreamers

  • Highly sensitive and intuitive

  • Helpful - they are true superheroes

  • Adventurous - they need excitement in their life

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What is the Personality of a Pisces Cat?

Just like the Pisces dogs, Pisces cats are highly intuitive. They will know when you are having a bad day, and won’t ever leave your side when you most need your feline friend. It does not matter whether you are sad or happy, your Pisces cat will have your back no matter what. Besides, you can always find them right by your side. They truly love their families, and home is their favorite place to be. What may not be a usual personality trait in cats, a Pisces cat is as affectionate as can be. No grumpy cat here (only when they feel like it!). When your kitty's zodiac sign is Pisces, you will always be showered with hugs and kisses. In addition, this zodiac sign is a true helper and super-cat in disguise. Being helpful is what they love and what they are good at. Don't be surprised if they proudly bring you "gifts" from outdoors or even from the bin. This amazing personality trait will make your Pisces cats the best pets who will welcome a sibling with open arms. Furry, or not, your kitty will just be the best sibling anyone can have. As helpful as this water sign is, they may appear a little lazy from time to time. Just like their doggy friends, Pisces cats have an immense imagination and are very big dreamers. So, while you think they are snoozing the day away, they might as well be the CEO of their own company in their dream world. Or simply plotting to take over the world and become the very first feline president (who knows?). Pisces cats in summary:

  • Dreamers - they will be living in their own world

  • Affectionate - you will always be greeted with hugs and kisses

  • Intuitive - they always know how you feel

  • Homebodies - home really is where the heart is

What Healing Crystal best matches your Pisces Pet?

Sodalite is the best healing crystal for Pisces cats and dogs. They are one of the most loving and affectionate signs, and because of that, they do not cope well with stress at all. Meaning, it is important to create a stress-free environment for them to thrive. The Sodalite does just that. Plus, the beautiful blue color of this healing crystal resembling water could not be a better match for this water sign. Pisces cats will be obsessed with the Happy Together toy. This toy is specifically designed for felines and is filled with catnip and a healing crystal. Your cat will feel euphoric and full of bliss while playing with this toy. At the same time, the crystal will help them calm down and let go of any stress they may experience. Trust us, you cannot go wrong with this toy. Pisces dogs will absolutely love the Merci Collective Catnip for Dogs. If you thought Catnip was only for cats, think again, and give this a try. While cats will experience euphoric and blissful feelings or the feline version of the zoomies, dogs will experience the opposite. Your furry friend will feel calm, relaxed, and most importantly, stress-free after trying some catnip.

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