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Black Obsidian - The Separation Anxiety Healing Crystal for Cats & Dogs

Black Obsidian is a healing crystal that reduces unwanted feelings of loneliness and anxiety. If your dog or cat suffers from separation anxiety, this crystal will be perfect for them (and you).

dog wearing black obsidian dog harness made of cactus leather merci collective

Have you noticed that your dog or cat spooks easily, has a bad temper, and is less than welcoming to the approach of strangers?

Crystal healing for cats and dogs will work efficiently without harming them, simply by regulating their emotional balance.

Black Obsidian emanates a sense of safety and security, very helpful for a dog or cat that experiences separation anxiety.

The hardest thing to do is say goodbye to your dog or cat, your little ball of love that you know will be sad or anxious that you’re gone, but to make you both feel better there is the Black Obsidian.

It is a protection stone that wards off negativity and welcomes positive vibrations.

Imagine a giant force field surrounding your dog and keeping predators and negativity at bay. With Black Obsidian, your dog or cat will feel playful and at ease.

Article Summary

What Will Black Obsidian Do To My Dog or Cat?

Almost immediately, you’ll notice a change in your little friend. Your dog or cat will go from scampering away at the sight of you or a visitor to being overjoyed to see you.

All their separation anxiety, fears, and worries will be banished so they can feel free to run and jump without a care in the world.

Not only is Black Obsidian is great protection, safety, and positivity stone, but it’s stylish too! This stone would look great around your dog’s collar, harness, toys, or portable water bottle.

Raw Black Obsidian crystal healing stone for dog and cat

With Black Obsidian around your dog or cat, you can rest easy knowing that no harm will come to your pal whether you’re at home or out visiting friends.

Black Obsidian will be the best dog sitter or cat sitter you’ll ever have. It will bring your dog comfort, protection, and positive vibrations all day long.

Loneliness and being alone are not the same, and by reducing your dogs’ and cats' separation anxieties and increasing perception this is the best stone to help your dog and cat see the difference.

They will no longer feel pain, fear, or separation anxiety in your absence. Instead, they will be safe and relaxed; it’ll be as if you’ve got yourself a brand new dog or cat!

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Healing Specialties of Black Obsidian for Dogs & Cats

  • Reduces separation anxiety

  • Soothes the energies of your dog during a transitioning period.

  • Strengthens your dog’s eyesight.

  • Wards off negativity.

  • Offers protection.

  • Brings about a sense of peace.

Behavior Aid for dogs & cats that need

  • Separation anxiety easing- reduces loneliness and soothes nerves.

  • Training communication - increases your dog’s ability to listen and focus.

  • Perceptive abilities - assists your dog with the ability to examine a situation before instinctively reacting.

  • Peace - brings about a feeling of peace so your dog is calm in the presence of others.

FAQ - Black Obsidian - The Separation Anxiety Healing Crystal for Cats & Dogs

What is Black Obsidian known for?

Black Obsidian is a healing crystal known to reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety, particularly separation anxiety in dogs and cats.

How can Black Obsidian benefit my pet?

How soon will I notice changes in my pet after using Black Obsidian?

How can I use Black Obsidian for my pet?

What are some of the specialties of Black Obsidian for pets?

How can Black Obsidian assist in my dog's training?

Can Black Obsidian help my pet feel more comfortable around strangers?

Is Black Obsidian only for separation anxiety?

Where can I purchase Black Obsidian for my pets?

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