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  • Jill Raaijmakers

Is your Pet an Aquarius? Here's What you Need to Know

Learn more about your cat's or dog's personality through their zodiac sign, what makes them unique, and what their temperament is made of to help you better understand them.

Aquarius dog portrait on white background

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about your Aquarius cat or dog

Aquarius Pets Article Summary

What are the Personality Traits of an Aquarius Dog?

Aquarius dogs are known for their rebellious nature. Usually, this means they are a bit stubborn and make their own rules. The rules they come up with are better than their owner’s rules anyway. The rebellious side of our furry companions can make them unpredictable at times. This means they are not just into everything you hand them. They are disengaged in a pinch when they are not interested enough. It is possible to get and keep, their attention though. Once you finally manage to do so, Aquarius dogs are one of the most motivated zodiac signs. Their attention will not go to anything or anyone else. However, social situations will recharge your Aquarius dog’s battery. Spend an afternoon at the dog park, for example. Beware of communal water bowls at the dog park as they may contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can negatively affect your dog's health. There is usually a lot happening at the park, like different dogs and people or all the activities going on. This will keep them triggered and stimulated, which is key in keeping them from getting bored. If you don’t have access to a dog park, don’t worry. Aquarius dogs are equally as happy playing with their favorite toy in the backyard. As long as this air sign has something to wrap their mind around or a goal to reach. Aquarius dogs in summary:

  • Rebellious

  • Easily disengaged

  • Is a social butterfly

  • Needs to be triggered: Keep them boredom-free!

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What are the Personality Traits of an Aquarius Cat?

Just like Aquarius dogs, Aquarius cats can come across as a bit standoffish and can be unpredictable from time to time. It is not you or something you did, it’s just them being a true Aquarius. Nonetheless, Aquarius cats will show you how much they love you and are very affectionate. Additionally, this air sign is extremely curious and surprisingly innovative. Because of this, they will adore anything that has to do with your iPad. For example, watching some cat TV, or playing cat games. Their innovative nature will make them capable of turning almost anything into a toy to play with. Your sock might just be their next cat toy invention. This is also one of the most open-minded signs, which makes them the perfect cat for any sibling. Another cat, human, dog, bunny, lizard, you name it, and your cat will welcome them with open arms. But be wary, they are still Aquarius and their mood can shift from one minute to the other. As accepting as they are, they will make sure you know when they are in need of some alone time. Aquarius cats in summary:

  • Can be standoffish

  • Affectionate

  • Innovative: They are true Einsteins

  • Open-minded

What is the Perfect Crystal for Aquarius Cats & Dogs?

The Chevron Amethyst is the perfect healing crystal for all Aquarius cats and dogs. The amethyst is a grounding stone that keeps the rebel side of this sign in check.

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It will also give your pet a sense of security and decrease any fear and grief they might experience.

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Aquarius Dogs: Key Traits

  1. Rebellious: Aquarius dogs are known to be stubborn, making their own rules.

  2. Easily Disengaged: They can lose interest quickly but when engaged, they remain highly motivated.

  3. Social Butterflies: They thrive in social settings, such as dog parks, which keep them stimulated and ward off boredom.

  4. Advice: Avoid communal water bowls in public places due to potential health hazards.

Aquarius Cats: Key Traits

The Ideal Crystal for Aquarius Pets: Chevron Amethyst

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