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Crystal Healing: Best Reasons Why You Should Get Healing Crystal Collars & Harnesses For Cats & Dogs

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Crystal Healing is a natural healing method that helps reduce anxiety and inflammation in your cats & dogs.

The best way to utilize this method is Crystal Healing Collars & Harnesses!

Dog wearing crystal healing rose quartz harness cactus vegan leather cuddling with owner

Crystal Healing is an ancient healing technique still practiced today in many parts of the world. Crystal Healing is said to improve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of not just humans, but animals as well. A natural counterpart to medication and restrictive devices, this holistic method regulates the emotions within your cats & dogs thus allowing them to live a happier and healthier life, naturally.

Article Summary

How Does Crystal Healing Work For My Cat & Dogs?

Different Healing Crystals have healing properties that benefit dogs & cats in different ways.

Some healing crystals can heal or improve the emotional and mental state of an animal, while others can help reduce inflammation within the body and help stabilize problems within the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems.

For example, one of the most sought-after healing crystals known to benefit cats & dogs greatly is Black Obsidian.

Black Obsidian is used by many pet owners to reduce separation anxiety in dogs & cats.

This healing crystal has a strong calming aura that brings about a sense of peace.

Not only does it help reduce feelings of loneliness but also helps with perceptive abilities such as accessing a situation before diving straight in, as well as training communication between the owner and the pet.

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Why Should I Get Healing Crystal Infused Collars & Harnesses For My Cats & Dogs?

Healing Crystal Infused Dog & Cat Collars are the best way to utilize the beneficial healing properties of the crystal.

Having an accessory constantly on your furry friend will ensure that the aura is well within your pet’s vicinity.

Not only will this ensure your dogs & cats peace of mind wherever they are, but these collars & harnesses also come in many different styles that you can pick to match your vibe.

Merci Collective offers a variety of healing crystal-infused dog & cat collars. These Merci Collective Collars & Harnesses are also made with 100% cactus leather as we believe in a more ethical and eco-friendly future.

Cactus leather is a type of vegan leather that pushes for a more sustainable way of producing leather.

There are several different types of vegan leather but many use PVC or PU which are essentially plastic-based. Vegan leather on the other hand is 100% biodegradable and is completely sustainable.

Not only that but we offer a variety of Healing Crystal dog & cat bottles that you can take with you on your daily stroll. Make sure to check them out!

Are There Other Ways To Utilize My Healing Crystals For My Cats & Dogs?


The best way to utilize healing crystals and their beneficial properties is to have them near your cats & dogs.

This could mean placing it around the entire house to ensure the healing crystals reach every part of the home or even just simply placing it near your pet’s sleeping area can do the trick.

The ideal signs to look out for in your pets are being relaxed, wanting belly rubs and playtime, and just generally having a great and peaceful time.

Which Healing Crystals Are Best For My Cats & Dogs?

As mentioned above, each healing crystal has different properties that can affect your pets in different ways. Some of the most widely used healing crystals for dogs & cats are:

Chevron Amethyst: Best for vocal dogs & cats. Decreases fear, grief, and panic attacks while emitting a soothing chill vibe to the household. Chevron Amethyst promotes affection in your pets so get ready for cuddle times!

Sodalite: Best for hyperactive and aggressive dogs & cats. Balances their emotional levels while helping with inflammation in the body. Sodalite is the choice crystal for female pets in heat as it helps reduce stress and stabilizes emotional levels.

Howlite: Perfect for timid dogs & cats. This Healing Crystal boosts confident emotions as well as promotes a better sleep cycle. Howlite helps your pet become more sociable with other animals so perfect for multi-pet households.

Rose Quartz: The crystal of unconditional love. Pets that have experienced trauma and abuse will work best with this crystal. Rose Quartz decreases muscle tension and also speeds up healing from physical injuries.

Black Obsidian: As mentioned above, the perfect healing crystal for separation anxiety. Reduces that lonely feeling in your pets when you walk out of the house. Black Obsidian also helps with creativity and communication while training making it a great choice for show dogs.

Tourmaline Quartz: The combination of the Tourmaline and Clear Quartz. Known by crystal enthusiasts as a protective barrier that helps purify negative energy and emotions. Tourmaline Quartz also strengthens the immune system as well as detoxifying the body of your cats & dogs.

Clear Quartz: Known as the “master healer”. This healing crystal works great with other stones as it amplifies the healing aura and beneficial properties. Clear Quartz also increases creativity while promoting a sharper mindset to help with learning tricks.

Smoky Quartz: Purely a protection crystal. Instead of building, it protects and maintains the calm energy in the environment. Smoky Quartz is a great healing crystal to have with multiple pets in the house.

If you are still unsure about which healing crystal might be best for your dogs & cats. You can take the Merci Collective Crystal Quiz to find out!

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What Should I Look Out For When Buying Crystal Healing Collars & Harnesses?

One of the most important signs to look out for when buying a crystal healing collar or harness is its authenticity. There are many counterfeit crystals made from plastic or even glass. Make sure to trust your supplier or retailer or look for the signs of a fake crystal. The best way to avoid fake crystals is to check if the healing crystal is certified by a professional gemologist. Another important aspect is how you clean and care for your crystals. There are many healing crystals that CANNOT be washed underwater as they may dissolve or even crack. While others should not be left under the sun as it fades away the beautiful color of your crystals. Check out this article for an in-depth explanation of how to properly clean and care for your healing crystals.

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