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  • Jill Raaijmakers

Taurus Pets: What do you Need to Know?

Chances are you have a Taurus Pet if you stumbled upon this blog. Did you know that your pet's zodiac sign actually says a lot about who they are?

Taurus dog

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about your Taurus cat or dog

What are the characteristics of a Taurus dog?

As an earth sign, it comes as no surprise that your Taurus dog is extremely connected to the physical world. Depicted by the bull and ruled by Venus, your dog probably LOVES the outdoors. Taurus dogs can really appreciate nature and being outside. In addition, they are practical and grounded. Because of this, they thrive on being given tasks. Not tasks just to keep them busy, they’re too practical for that. Taurus dogs need to know there is a reward at the end of it. You could probably teach them to bring you the newspaper every morning. Besides being one with Mother Nature, Taurus pups are extremely loyal to you and rarely leave your side. This personality trait really makes them go the extra mile for you. You could even call them your ride or die because that is what they are. However, they don’t joke around. Taurus dogs need stability and reliability in their lives and expect their humans to provide them with this. Loving stability and a set routine, it is recommended that you don’t change up their day-to-day lives and tasks. Literally, do not even dare to place their food bowl somewhere else, they won’t love you for it. This also makes them super stubborn, because they quickly attach to things, people, and routines. It makes it hard for them if anything changes. Don’t let your Taurus pup fool you though, they can be true divas as well. As practical as they are, Taurus dogs will LOVE anything fancy. So, let your fur baby indulge every once in a while. The Good Vibrations Harness and Hoopsy leash would be the ULTIMATE gift to treat you and your pup with. Your dog will look so chic wearing the harness, and you will look equally as good walking them with the Hoopsy Leash. Also, Taurus dogs LOVE to be pampered. Give them a spa-like bath every once in a while using the Merci Collective grooming collection. They will be reborn and ready to take on anything that may come their way Taurus Dogs in Summary:

  • Down to Earth

  • Practical

  • LOVES a set routine

  • True divas who love fancy things

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What are the characteristics of a Taurus Cat?

Just like their other halves, the Taurus pups, Taurus cats are nothing short of being true kings and queens. They enjoy the finer things in life and are not shy to let you know what they do and don’t like. I apologize for your wallet in advance, because Taurus cats are true food connoisseurs. So, prepare to have a kitty that only opts for fancy food and treats. However, they will LOVE you forever when they hear their treat bag open or food bowl being picked up. They truly appreciate the finer things in life, so no need to worry that you are raising a brat. Taurus cats absolutely love their daily routines and hate for them to be shaken up by their owner. So, do your cat a favor and let them have their set routines. And, to no surprise here, this earth sign also loves being outdoors and feeling connected to Mother Earth. It is recommended that your cat has regular exercise to keep them triggered and motivated, especially in the outdoors. Or else, I can't guarantee the safety of your furniture. They are also extremely chill and down to earth, so they do not mind staying in and curling up next to you on a rainy day. Although, they might choose your most expensive blanket as their perfect sleeping spot. Taurus cats in summary:

  • True Kings or Queens

  • Appreciate the Finer Things in Life

  • Routine Lover

  • Down to Earth

  • Chill

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What Crystal Best Suits a Taurus Pet?

Smoky Quartz is the PERFECT healing crystal for all the Taurus cats and dogs out there, and they will hugely benefit from its powers.

The Smoky Quartz is all about love and will strengthen the already very present love they have for those they trust.

Taurus Dogs will love the Urban Oasis Water bottle infused with the crystal of your choice.

This is the perfect water bottle for on the go to keep them safe and hydrated at all times, as adventurous and outdoorsy as Taurus pups are anyway. So, this bottle is the perfect solution for both you and your pup.

Taurus Cats will thrive on the Merci Collective Grooming Collection. This is a luxe collection consisting of shampoo, conditioner, and body spray.

Who doesn’t love to be pampered every once in a while?! To top it all off, the shampoo and conditioner have an amazing scent that smells like cucumber and ripe melon.

The body spray is infused with a smell of Japanese Cherry Blossom. It really could not be more luxurious than this.

Fun Facts When It Comes to Taurus Pets

Taurus pets are true earth signs, which might indicate how connected to Mother Earth they are. This zodiac sign is ruled by the bull.

Friday is their lucky day. Who's lucky day is it not when it's the start of the weekend? We at Merci Collective LOVE Fridays. So, why not treat your Taurus Pup to an extra-long hike out in nature? Or treat your food connoisseur cat to an amazing Friday supper?

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