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Smoky Quartz – Protect Me At All Costs

The Smoky Quartz Healing Crystal is known as one of the more powerful protection stones in the community. Decrease hostility between your dogs with the powerful Smoky Quartz!


A member of the Quartz family, the Smoky Quartz is regarded as a very powerful protection healing crystal to ward off negative thoughts and emotions. Dogs and cats that experience any form of anxiety, panic attacks, or even confusion can benefit from this protective charm. Does any of this sound familiar to your pet?

Article Summary

What does Smoky Quartz do to my dog or cat?

The Smoky Quartz is purely a protection crystal, instead of building and creating, the stone protects and maintains the positive energy surrounding it.

It heals the body, easing your dog’s and cat's pain, rejuvenating the muscles, and healing ailments related to the reproductive and nervous systems.

A great crystal to have if you have multiple animals at home. It creates a calm and grounding atmosphere for your pets to socialize.

Dogs and cats that have a hard time socializing can greatly benefit from the Smoky Quartz.

Why Should I get a Smoky Quartz for my dog or cat?

The Smoky Quartz is a must-have if you have multiple pets at home.

The crystal is known to clear and ward off negative energy and emotions thus keeping a friendly environment in the household.

Dogs and cats that are relatively older in age can benefit from the healing properties of this healing crystal.

Ailments in the heart, stomach, hips, legs, and joints can be eased for elderly dogs and cats. There is other information online about the basic steps you can take to help your aging dog.

raw and polished smoky quartz

Healing Specialties of Smoky Quartz for dogs and cats.

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and confusion.

  • Heals and eases ailments in the reproductive and nervous system.

  • Heals and eases pain in the heart, stomach, hips, legs and joints.

Behavior Aid of Smoky Quartz for dogs and cats.

  • Creates a safe and calm atmosphere among different pets.

  • Reduces destructive behaviors related to stress and anxiety.

  • Stabilizes emotional levels to promote inner peace and tranquility.

Where to use Smoky Quartz for my cats and dogs?

As a protection crystal, it is recommended to have it near your dogs and cats at all times.

Embedding the stone into your dog’s harness, collar, water bottle, or even the food bowl. This protective amulet will provide a calm surrounding for your dog.

If you have multiple pets at home, placing the crystal somewhere near your pet’s hang-out spots can greatly improve the way your beloved animals socialize with each other.

It isn’t a bad idea to have multiple Smoky Quartz lying around in different parts of the house to ensure maximum protection from negative energy and emotions.

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We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!

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