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What Are The Best Healing Crystals For Cats?

Find out what the best Healing Crystal is for your cats and what they've been missing all along to thrive!

Cats are especially sensitive to subtle energies of crystal healing. Most people collect crystals simply due to the fact that they’re so beautiful and amazing to look at.

But crystal healing is a healing technique that works through resonance which can help produce and attract certain desirable traits that can be beneficial to both you and your beloved kitty cat.

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Using Healing Crystals Around Cats

It is important to have a clear intention for the outcome you desire for your cats. Keeping a positive atmosphere throughout the household will help utilize the specific effects of certain crystals.

Large and heavy crystals can be placed in areas where your cats like to hang out, this makes for a great decoration for the house as well as acting as a healing tool for your feline friends.

Small crystals on the other hand should be embedded in their collars, water, or harness. This will ensure the safety of your cats as they may try to swallow the crystal if left lying around in the house.

Merci Collective offers a variety of crystal-infused animal accessories so make sure to check them out.

Where Is The Best Place To Put My Healing Crystals For Cats?

As mentioned above, larger and heavier healing crystals can be placed anywhere in the house from the kitchen counter to your dining room table as your mischievous cats won’t be able to tip it over.

Smaller-sized healing crystals should be embedded or even taped onto their collars, bowls, cages, and harnesses.

Keep in mind that healing crystals do need to charge so placing them near the window where they can absorb the moonlight is the best way to keep the energy constantly flowing!

Best Healing Crystals for Cats

Strengthening Immune Systems in Cats

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing crystal and is known as the master healer. Not only will it strengthen the positive emotions you channel through it, but it will also amplify other healing crystals that are within its vicinity. Clear Quartz will strengthen the immune system in your cats, alleviate any pain or inflammation, and speed up the healing process of physical injuries. The ultimate healing crystal for your Cat!

Tourmaline Quartz

Tourmaline Quartz is the best healing crystal for protection from negative emotions and thoughts. It acts as a protective barrier that purifies the energy around it and also helps strengthen the immune system in your cats by relieving different types of body aches that could stress your cat. Tourmaline Quartz will increase your cat’s confidence levels, bringing out the inner tiger in them and stabilizing their emotional level to reduce the tendency of destructive behaviors.

Emotional Support in Cats

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the best healing crystal for opening the hearts of abused, mistreated, rescued, and grieving cats. It brings the feeling of unconditional love into the household atmosphere making your cat more likely to open up and allow love to enter their lives again. Rose Quartz is a great healing crystal to use to create an immediate bond between you and your beloved feline friend. It reduces a cat’s standoffish demeanor and also lessens negative emotions such as jealousy, resentment, and envy.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is the best healing crystal for both physical and emotional pain. It is extremely helpful for stress, grief, fear, and panic. Chevron Amethyst is great if your cat has to be kept in a cage for an extended period of time. If your precious cat suffers from separation anxiety, gets spooked at the sight of others. Consider this healing crystal as a way to reduce those problems.

Behavioral Support in Cats


Howlite is the best crystal for improving the confidence of your cats. Howlite is known by crystal enthusiasts to increase feelings such as courage, bravery, and determination. When confidence levels are high your cats will not feel the need to rebel and bite or scratch everything in their paths. This beautiful healing crystal also helps with calcium absorption in their bones and teeth while also relaxing and relieving muscle tension for a great night's sleep. Remember, a tired kitty is always a good kitty!


Sodalite is the best healing crystal when it comes to aggressive and hyperactive behaviors. Aggressive behaviors such as hissing, scratching, and kicking happen when your cat’s emotional levels are not balanced. This healing crystal is especially helpful for female cats that are in heat and constantly meow or yodel for attention. While helping with aggressive and hyperactive behaviors, Sodalite will also help with inflammation in both the body and the mind!

How To Choose The Right Crystal For Your Cat.

There isn’t a standard rule for how to choose the right crystal for your cat so why not let your cats choose themselves?

You can set out each crystal in front of them one at a time and look at how they behave.

If they show no interest then that probably isn’t the right crystal for them, but if they show signs of relaxation such as rolling around near the crystal or even laying down seeming to fall asleep, then there’s your healing crystal!

You can even remove the healing crystal and look at their behavior after that, they may try to look for the crystal or even meow at you to give it back!

Once that happens you can assume you have found the right crystal. If you still can’t make up your mind, consider taking the Merci Collective Crystal Quiz and we can decide for you!

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Are Healing Crystals Safe for My Cat?

Crystal Healing is a healing method that utilizes the energy field and chakra points found within a living organism. It is all-natural and an inexpensive form of healing that can be used in the comfort of your own home. Although crystal healing can give great benefits to your cats, it should never replace professional veterinary advice. Although walking your cat is something that is rarely seen or heard of. It is actually a great way to relieve stress and promote a healthy lifestyle in your cat. If you are in the process of nurturing a kitten or are planning to adopt one, it is highly recommended to have your kitten get used to wearing a harness and being walked outside as it can be very difficult to do so to an adult cat, but not impossible. Consider Merci Collective’s Urban Oasis Crystal Infused water bottle if you plan on having outdoor adventures with your beloved feline friend.

FAQ - What Are The Best Healing Crystals For Cats?

Can my cat choose their own crystal?

Absolutely! You can introduce different crystals to your cat and observe their behavior. If your cat seems relaxed or shows interest in a particular crystal, that might be the one they resonate with the most.

Are there any risks associated with using healing crystals for cats?

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How do healing crystals work?

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