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  • Jessica Brody

5 Things Every Pet Parent Should Know About Senior Cats

Has your cat officially reached Golden Girl status? If so, you may need to start taking some preventative measures to keep her comfy and healthy in the years ahead.

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Here are a few facts about senior cats that you can use to help your feline family member feel youthful as she ages.

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Their Vet Bills Can Really Add Up

As your cat gets older, you’ll need to schedule more frequent appointments with your vet.

Cats begin to enter their golden years around the age of 7, so this is a good time to start ramping up checkups to screen for potential health issues.

Obviously, more checkups will come with more vet costs, but you can keep those expenses from being a drain on your finances by looking into healthcare coverage for your cat.

That’s right, there are multiple insurance companies that offer coverage for pets. So you will need to do your homework to figure out which has the right coverages, exclusions, deductibles, discounts, and reimbursement amounts for your needs.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to get health insurance for an older feline.

If you’re faced with a large vet bill, you may be able to save by going to a vet college, or there are also animal welfare charities that can help.

Another idea is refinancing your home and using some of the cash you pocket to help pay for a costly procedure.

They Can Be Prone Weight Changes

Just like in older humans, your cat’s metabolism can change with age.

Some cats will lose extra pounds while others will gain weight. If your older cat suddenly seems slimmer, you should set up an appointment to rule out any underlying diseases (good thing you have that pet insurance, right?).

Being overweight can also be a sign or cause of changes in your cat’s health, so work with your vet to help your kitty shed those pounds.

You can also help keep your cat at a healthy weight by not free-feeding and scheduling plenty of playtimes.

They Can Experience Cognitive Issues

senior cat wearing a bandana

Is your aging kitty pacing and crying at odd hours of the morning?

If so, you should know that this can be a sign of cat dementia. More commonly called cognitive dysfunction syndrome or CDS is a common health issue for older cats.

Once again, you will need to check in with your vet to confirm that CDS is the problem and then you can work together to develop a treatment plan.

Providing more enrichment is recommended, which can include a fun new toy.

A puzzle toy can be a purrfect way for your feline family member to exercise her brain.

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They Can Also Be More at Risk for UTI’s

Urinary tract infections or UTIs can be a very serious threat to your cat’s health and even his/her life.

In fact, the very loveable and shareable Grumpy Cat died after experiencing complications due to a UTI.

While our favorite feline was only 7, senior cats tend to be more at risk of infections.

More frequent potty trips or crying can alert you to a problem before it becomes severe. To prevent UTIs, you need to keep your cat’s litter box clean.

Providing plenty of clean, fresh water for your cat can also help keep her healthy.

They Tend to Live Much Longer Than Dogs

senior cat laying next to a cactus

While the world is torn as to whether cats are better than dogs, the fact is that your feline companions are likely to live longer than your canine pals.

Even so, cats tend to age and mature a bit faster, but you can check out charts to determine just how old your cat is in human years.

A 6-year-old cat is considered middle-aged while cats that are 11-14 are officially considered seniors. Anything above 14 is categorized as geriatric, but cats can live 20 years or more!

Kittens are cute and cats are amazing, but there’s really nothing quite like sweet seniors, with those grey whiskers come wisdom, maturity, and of course plenty of love.

So show your older cats some appreciation by setting them up to live their best lives in kitty retirement.

Most importantly, pay attention to your cat’s health to help her live a long and happy life.

At what age do cats start to enter their golden years?

Cats begin to enter their golden years around the age of 7.

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