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  • Jill Raaijmakers

Ultimate Guide for Aries Cats & Dogs

Are you the proud parent of an Aries cat or dog? if the answer is yes, we have created the ultimate guide for you. Your pet's zodiac sign can say a lot about their personality and why they act the way they do sometimes.

Aries dog and cat under a blanket

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about your Aries cat or dog

Article Summary

What are the personality traits of an Aries Dog?

Who’s the boss? Surprisingly, it is not you as their parent. If your dog is an Aries, chances are their answer to the question is themselves. Who could do a better job anyway? Aries dogs are true alphas and LOVE to be the boss around the house. Being an alpha takes courage and requires you to be ambitious. Your Aries dog will not lack any of these qualities. Born true leaders, other dogs naturally gravitate towards Aries dogs. There is just something about them that none of the other zodiac signs have. Aries dogs are natural leaders and alphas. This personality trait means that they love to work and be productive. This fire sign is VERY determined to get what they want, and with that, Aries pups don’t like to take orders from anyone. In their defense, Aries just knows what needs to be done and what’s best in any type of situation. So, have a little faith in your pup. That being said, Aries dogs are very hard workers and are determined to get things done. So, do not bother giving them a toy or game that does not get them anywhere. Aries pups want to be rewarded for their work. Aries are feisty, as being a fire sign might give away, which means they do not just do work for the sake of being busy. The Fly Away toy might just be the perfect match for your Aries pups. The toy has a pocket for treats. Your pup needs to put in a little work to get the treats out, which is the ultimate reward. Plus, the toy tastes like mint, which will leave your pup with a minty fresh breath. What is not to love? Aries Dogs in Summary:

  • True alphas

  • Hard-working

  • Ambitious

  • Motivated

shop fly away mint infused dog fetch toy

What are the personality traits of an Aries Cat?

Challenge, challenge, challenge, there is nothing your Aries cat loves more. Nothing is too crazy or out of reach, your cat will make it reachable for them. You can call them true daredevils if you will. If your cat is an Aries, you might want to baby-proof your house to make it a little safer for your kitty. Aries, testing the limits of life and being the daredevils that they are, are not the cuddliest type of cat. Unlike their Pisces friends, who may or may not actually cuddle you to death. However, this does not mean your Aries cat will not show their love for you at all. The love of an Aries kitty comes more in the form of gifts or ‘gifts’ because sometimes it can be their favorite toy, which is great. Other times it can be a dead rat or mouse they found outside, which you will see as a ‘gift’. It is no secret that this zodiac sign is fearless and won’t ever say no to any challenge they may face. So, it will not be any surprise that an Aries cat absolutely loves to play with toys. Take the Merci Collective Happy Together toy for example. This toy is filled with catnip, which will make them feel euphoric and full of bliss. In addition, there is a Rose Quartz healing crystal hiding inside which has calming effects on your cat. Aries cats in summary:

  • Fearless

  • Not the cuddliest type of cat

  • No challenge is to0 challenging

  • Playful

What is the Perfect Crystal for Aries Cats & Dogs?

Aries pets will thrive with a Rose Quartz healing crystal. Rose Quartz is one of the most famous and powerful healing crystals out there, and that is for good reason.

This healing crystal attracts love and overall has calming powers. Which, let’s be honest, we could all use sometimes.

Aries dogs will be so happy with the Merci Collective Catnip for dogs. Yep, CATnip for dogs.

Unlike cats, catnip will make your dog feel calmer and more secure. The catnip is also infused with a Rose Quartz Healing Crystal which will make your dog feel even more at ease because being the boss and alpha can be a bit stressful at times.

You cannot go wrong with the Happy Together Toy from Merci Collective with your Aries cat.

The toy is stuffed with catnip and a Rose Quartz, Sodalite, or black obsidian healing crystal, which will make your cat feel amazing and on top of the world.

The Rose Quartz makes sure your cat will also feel safe and sound and gives them that extra boost of love.

Because, even if they don’t show it through hugs and kisses, Aries cats need some TLC from time to time too.

Shop rose quartz infused catnip

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