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The Benefits to Biothane Dog Collars: The Complete Edition

Do you have trouble finding a suitable collar for your dog? Find out what the best collar is for your dog!

BEST biothane COLLAR FOR DOGS merci collective

If you are a dog owner, chances are, you’ve come across a situation where you walked into a pet store looking to buy a pretty collar for your new puppy but got overwhelmed by all the possible choices.

Most dog owners make the crucial mistake of choosing a collar made from cheap or harmful materials. By the end of this article, you will understand much more about Biothane and its benefits.

Article Summary

Merci Collective offers a variety of healing crystal-infused dog accessories. Our collar and leash accessories are all made from 100% sustainable materials such as cactus leather and biothane. Make sure to check it out!

What Is Biothane?

Biothane is a durable and waterproof material made here in the USA of a specially coated polyester webbing that is 100% non-toxic. It is extremely strong and lightweight and is used for most K9 dogs.

This material is known to be a great alternative to leather and is considered one of the best types of dog collars in the world.

Is Biothane Safe For Dogs?

Biothane is 100% tested to be non-toxic to dogs. The materials used are polyester webbing, polyvinyl, and polyurethane.

These materials do not cause any issues for dogs and are actually considered safer than nylon dog collars due to the fact that nylon collars can collect fur, and dirt and be harsh on dogs with sensitive skin.

Since the collar can be easily wiped and doesn’t get slimy or stinky over time, there are rarely any infections.

As seen on the official website of Biothane, they follow strict regulatory guidelines from REACH, CPSIA 2008, and PROP 65 as seen here: Biothane Regulatory Overview.

How Do I Clean My Biothane Dog Collar?

Cleaning your Biothane Dog Collar is very simple and quick! Unlike regular collars that may get smelly and dirty easily over time. The Biothane dog collar just needs a quick wipe with a wet rag. There is no need to use any form of soap or cleansing agent and your biothane collar will be just as clean as you first got it!

This makes it the perfect dog collar if you are going for a hike with your dog or even a swim at the local dog pool. Dogs that love taking a mud bath will benefit the most from this collar. The collar is also easy to take off, making everything about this collar simple and easy!

How Do I Check If My Biothane Dog Collar Is Genuine?

Genuine biothane dog collars have a noticeable difference in texture compared to a PVC collar or a lead collar. Genuine biothane dog collars are softer and more flexible with a noticeable difference in quality. Keep in mind that there are manufacturers using rubber and marketing it as biothane.

Biothane is more durable, washable, and comfortable for your dog, as opposed to rubber which is none of the above. Make sure to double-check the products you buy!

What Are The Types Of Dog Collars?

  • Regular Dog Collars: Most dog collars are typically made from nylon. These collars are simple and easy to put on for your dogs. They can be fashionable and are best used for dogs that can be let off the leash. If you are an advocate for a greener and more eco-friendly future, these collars are not the choice!

  • Martingale Dog Collars: Choke chains or martingale dog collars are very controversial. Some dog trainers advocate their use for stubborn dogs during walks and training but they can be very damaging and potentially even fatal for your dog. The collar is aimed to “choke” your dog when they pull or tug on the leash which in turn teaches them not to do that.

  • Vegan Cactus Leather Dog Collars: Vegan Cactus leather is a type of vegan leather known for its incredible durability and eco-friendly properties. Cactus leather also has a guaranteed shelf life of at least 10 years.

  • DIY Home Made Dog Collars: DIY home collars are sold on sites like Etsy. Many sellers created these collars themselves and are known to use inappropriate hardware such as buckles and Chicago screws with inferior quality that could harm your dog in many ways. Make sure to stay away from these products!

  • Metal Chain: Metal chains can be effective with big and aggressive dogs but are also highly dangerous. Chain collars, similar to choke collars, can choke your dogs to death. It is recommended to stay away from these types of collars.

Why Choose Biothane Dog Collars?

Biothane dog collars are perfect for dogs that love water play. It's impermeable and extremely easy to clean. Washing it only takes about 20 seconds as all you have to do is take it off, rinse it under water, and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Being the perfect collar for dogs that love water play, it is water repellent, meaning it won’t get soggy and stinky after a while. Its flexibility and durability can withstand all the chewing, pulling, and yanking that your dog loves to do.

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