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What To Do If My Dog Has Cancer?

One of the saddest news to hear from your vet is to find out your dog has cancer. Find out how to help your dog cope with cancer.

Crystal Healing for Dogs with Cancer

One of the biggest pains for dog owners everywhere is to hear the terrible news of their beloved canine friend being diagnosed with cancer.

Some of the earliest evidence of cancer is found among fossilized bone tumors, mummified humans in ancient Egypt, and even manuscripts recovered from ancient civilizations.

Cancer begins when cells in different parts of the body begin to grow out of control.

There are many different types of cancers that can spread or grow differently throughout the body.

Medical treatments from professionals such as surgery and chemotherapy are the best way to counteract this terrible disease but there are other ways to alleviate the pain and stress that comes along with it.

What To Do If My Dog Has Cancer Article Summary

My Dog Is Diagnosed with Cancer.

One of the biggest pain for dog owners everywhere is to hear the terrible news of their beloved canine friend being diagnosed with cancer.

Although it is heartbreaking to hear such news, being sad and sorrowful will not solve the issue. Instead, we can do our best to provide the best possible life that our beloved dogs deserve.

Providing adequate medical attention and a healthy and happy lifestyle for your dog can not only help alleviate the pain and stress but can help them enter remission and in some cases cure it.

dog food for cancer

What Should I Feed My Dog with Cancer?

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet, keeping your dog on a nutritional and digestible diet can help them feel better when undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Although there are no commercially prepared foods developed specifically for dogs with cancer, there are prescription diet dog foods that have a nutritional value close to cancer-specific recommendations, one such recommendation is Hillspet’s prescription diet dog food.

Tumor cells use carbohydrates to promote cancer cell growth, so high levels of carbohydrates in your dog’s food will actually feed the tumor and allow it to grow bigger and spread faster.

On the other hand, cancer cells have a very tough time using fats as an energy source meaning dog food that is high in fats and low in carbohydrates can benefit your dog with cancer. Consider buying Omega-3 fatty acids and integrating them into your dog’s diet.

Cancer also causes an imbalance in protein metabolism, therefore a higher-than-normal protein diet can also help your dog. Keep in mind that a high protein-based diet is only recommended if your dog has a normal functioning liver and kidneys.

It is important to understand that veterinarians know what is best for your beloved dog.

Ask your local vet for more information about the right diet for your dog with cancer.

Dog exercising playing with a yellow toy

Will Exercise Help My Dog With Cancer?

Yes, exercising is extremely important for dogs with cancer. Cancer and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can cause your dog to lose appetite and thus lose weight.

Exercising will help your dog maintain its muscles and can also burn off negative emotions such as stress and anxiety.

Physical movements will also boost their immune systems (which is always a great way to counteract diseases) and increase melatonin production for a good night's sleep.

A breath of fresh air and the warmth from the sunshine will also help with your dog’s mental state making them feel better overall.

shop fly away dog toy banner

What If My Dog with Cancer Can’t Move Around Anymore?

One of the best ways to help your dog with decreased mobility is assisted movement where you help your dog move around by placing a towel or a mobility aide under their belly.

The mobility aide basically helps you lift your dog up so that they won’t need to exert as much strength and energy to stand and walk around.

Physical therapy such as doggy massages will also help relax their bodies and encourage blood flow throughout the body which allows your dogs to extend their joints.

Mental Stimulation for Dogs with Cancer.

Mental Stimulation is one of the best ways for your dogs to cope with stress and anxiety. Going on walks in new environments, learning new tricks, and experiencing new sensations of smell, sight, touch, and sound are some great ways to help mentally stimulate your dog.

Consider taking your dog on playdates, dogs are social animals, and being around other dogs will help boost your dog’s emotional and mental state.

CBD for dogs

CBD Treatment for Dogs with Cancer.

Depending on the type and stage of cancer that your dog is experiencing, your veterinarian could recommend a variety of CBD products that will support anti-tumor medication. CBD is a well-researched topic and has been shown to have anti-tumor effects on human cancers. CBD is known to reduce inflammation and pain, it relaxes the body and promotes better sleep for its users. Just like any medication out there, please consult with your veterinarian to determine if CBD is an option to help your dog with cancer.

Crystal Healing For Dogs with Cancer.

Crystal Healing for Dogs is a great way to alleviate stress and anxiety from cancer or cancer treatments. Some of the best healing crystals to use:

chevron amethyst HEALING CRYSTAL for dog

Chevron Amethyst – The Chevron Amethyst is known to decrease fear, grief, and panic attacks.

Having the sense of being safe and secure in their environment will greatly reduce negative emotions for your dog with cancer.

Placing the Chevron Amethyst healing crystal around the house, in their water, or near your dog’s bed is the best way to utilize the crystal’s healing properties and counteract the effects of cancer treatment.

rose quartz HEALING CRYSTAL for dogs

Rose Quartz – The Rose Quartz is perfect for softening and relaxing your dog’s joints and muscles. Depending on the stage or type of cancer that your dog is experiencing, easing the joints and the muscles will surely help your dog cope better. Cancer can also cause different types of emotional stress, so having this Rose Quartz healing crystal can help your dog reach a better overall mental state.

clear quartz healing crystal for dog

Clear Quartz – Known as the Master Healer, this healing crystal provides the power of amplification to positive emotions that the wearer is feeling. It also deters negative energies and emotions.

Placing this Clear Quartz healing crystal in the water or collar of your dog with cancer will provide a shield of positive energy that can increase your dog’s happiness and well-being.

Tourmaline quartz healing crystal for dog

Tourmaline Quartz – The combination of the Clear Quartz and the Tourmaline, this healing crystal acts as a powerful protective barrier that purifies the energy around it. This healing crystal is also known to detoxify the body and strengthen your dog’s immune system. Dogs with cancer can benefit from Tourmaline Quartz healing crystal a lot. Embedding this crystal into your dog’s drinking water, collar, or harness is the best way to help them counteract the emotional stress from having cancer.


Sodalite – The Sodalite Crystal is known to calm and soothe overactive minds and nerves, it balances the energy around and provides a stress-relieving environment for your dog with cancer. Sodalite could be of great help to keep your dog stress-free. Finding out that your beloved dog has cancer can cause a lot of stress for everybody in the household, this crystal can help not just your dog but everyone in your house as well. Hearing news about any loved one having cancer is very heartbreaking, but it does not mean it is a death sentence. Providing a healthy and positive lifestyle is one of the best ways to counteract any form of cancer in dogs.

Our team at Merci Collective cannot stress how important it is to frequently communicate with your vet about the best possible treatment for your dog with cancer. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about your dog’s condition. We hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or concerns please visit

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