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Experts have revealed that a dog’s heart rate increases by 50% when told “I love you!”

According to science and research, dog's heart rate increases when told I love you by their owners!

dog cuddling with owner

International Dog Day was on the 26th of August, and Canine Cottages, a dog-friendly holiday specialist, revealed just how much dogs really love their owners through a study done using special heart rate tracking collars created by Petpace on four different pooches.

Canine Cottages found that dogs’ heart rates are affected when their owners cuddle with them and also when they are told “I love you.”

Article Summary

How Much Did The Dogs’ Heart Rate Increase?

dog heart increase chart

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How About The Dogs’ Owners?

Canine Cottages also tracked the owner’s heart rates to see the comparison with their pets. Researchers found that the owner’s heart rate did in fact increase by 10% after being separated from their pooches for a period of time.

Although not a huge increase compared to our canine counterparts, this still indicates just how much we love our beloved pet pooches. The bond we develop with them is what dictates the happiness that our pet pooches experience on a day-to-day basis.

Check out this article on how you can develop the best bond with your beloved canine pet!

How To Tell If My Dog Really Loves Me?

Dr. Heather Venkat, a veterinary nurse of Only Pets Cover, and accredited dog trainer Joe Nutkins came together with five different ways on how dogs showcase their love and affection for us:

  • Cuddles: If your dog or puppy curls up next to you, on your feet, or on your lap, it is their way of trying to be as close to you as possible. Dogs will only do this on people they feel completely comfortable with, so take it as a sign that they love you unconditionally.

  • Greetings: When greeting your dog, if they are jumping and running around like crazy with their tails waving back and forth like crazy. It’s a sign that they are extremely happy and ecstatic to see you.

  • Belly up: If your dog shows his belly to you, or even sleeps on their back, that's a sign that your dog trusts and loves you completely. In the animal world, this is known as a vulnerable position, and for dogs to do that in your presence means that they know you will not harm them in any way possible.

  • Generosity: If your dog regularly brings you a toy, it is their way of showing their affection for you. It may also be a sign that they want to play with you but for them to trust you with your favourite thing is a sign that they really love you.

  • Protection: When your dogs come to you either holding a paw up or feeling a little under the weather, it shows a great level of trust and they know in their little hearts that you are there to protect them.

If your dog has exhibited any of these behaviors in front of you, it's a sure sign that they love and trust you with all their heart! This study shows just how much our dogs love us and why we label them as our best friends. The fact that their heart rates increase when told “I love you”, showing signs of pure joy and excitement, and decreases when cuddling in our arms, showing peace and comfort shows just how highly they think of us. If you are thinking about how you can thank your dog for being the perfect companion, check out the Merci Collective store. We have a variety of healing crystal-infused products that will surely bring happiness and style into your dog’s life!

Make sure to sign up for our email newsletter for all the upcoming information regarding our products at! We hope you found this article helpful and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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