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Keep Your Dog Boredom Free During Covid-19 Season.

This year has undoubtedly been full of surprises and challenges for the human race. Fires, explosions, deaths, and a worldwide pandemic have forced us to adapt in ways that we had never thought of.

dog seating on a chair

Although in our eyes, the way of life has changed drastically, nothing has changed for our cats and dogs, if anything, some might be even happier than before because of all the time they get to spend with you!

It is still very important to maintain the same routines from the pre-COVID season.

But now that you have more time in your hands, you can use different methods to connect and stimulate your dog’s mind during quarantine. A dog filled with boredom becomes a destructive dog, they try to find ways to entertain themselves but in most scenarios, they just end up destroying your beautiful couch.

Here are a few tips from Merci Collective on keeping your dog’s mind active and away from boredom!

Maintain The Same Feeding and Exercising Routines.

Most pet owners who tend to feed and exercise their dogs at the same time every day understand that their dog will be ready and waiting, most will even go as far as to pester their owners and remind them that it is time.

As we humans know, enjoying a nice meal or going on an exercise helps “reset” our mind in a way that brings us contempt.

Dogs feel the same way after their favorite meal or a good walk around the neighborhood.

If you feel as if your area is still too risky to walk out in the open, consider taking your dog on drives and maybe even find a nice and secluded area where you can let your dog out on a leash and explore their 5 senses.

Check out our Collection at Merci Collective for all your stylish outdoor needs!

dog playing with puzzle mat

Add a dog puzzle during snack time.

As pet lovers, it can be hard for us not to treat our dogs every day. With such a cute face, how can we not? Keep in mind that you may notice your pet gaining weight or experiencing appetite loss due to all the snacks you feed them, try and limit these treats by incorporating some sort of reward-based activity. Training your dog to learn a new trick is one of the best ways to keep their minds occupied. Another great activity is to use a puzzle toy for dogs, this will bring endless hours of fun for your dog. Another alternative to dog puzzles is ice cubes. Freeze a healthy (but somewhat smelly) treat so that your dogs are more enticed to get to the middle. Sardines or treats that use the liver are some examples that you can use.

shop enrichment toy for dogs

Always Keep Your Dogs Visually Stimulated.

From time to time, when you put your dog in the crate, try and leave them in an area where they have a full view of what you are doing.

For example, if you tend to put your dog in the crate while you cook, leave them in an area of the house where they can see. If you are mowing the lawn, put them near the window. Visual stimulation is a huge factor in keeping your dog boredom-free.

healing crystals on a mirror tray

Calming Remedies for Your Beloved Dogs.

If you see signs that your dog is becoming more anxious, such as increased barking when you’re not home, panting, or pacing when it isn’t hot, or just chewing things that shouldn’t be chewed.

It is wise to look into natural remedies that soothe the nerves of your dog.

Homeopathic remedies are effective and very safe.

These remedies are usually very specific, so you need to know exactly why your dog is feeling anxious.

Healing crystals for dogs is also a great way to calm their nerves. There are many different crystals that can help better, according to the type of anxiety and fear. Take a look at this Crystal Healing for Dog article for more information about healing crystals.

Organize Regular Visits to Your Local Vets.

Especially during a time like this, regular checkups to the vet might not be such a bad idea.

Most veterinary clinics will have COVID-19 safety procedures put into place. But, it is still important to keep in mind that if your pet falls ill, call your vet beforehand and let them know of the situation, this way they can prepare for your pet’s visit if needed.

Not only will you be checking up on your dog’s health but your furry companion will definitely be delighted to go out on a short adventure!

dogs shiba on pink background

Play Time with Their Best Friend.

Ask your reliable friends who also have dogs to come over for a social-distanced playdate. It’s always a joy to see a familiar face from time to time. You can also bring your dog to their place, a different environment is always going to help stimulate your dog’s mind. Dogs are social animals, they need to be able to communicate with their kind to build confidence and maintain a healthy mindset.

For more updates and information about the current situation, visit the official website of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) We hope this article was helpful! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us

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