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Proven Ways to Make My Dog Instagram Famous!

Updated: May 6

If you are a pet owner, creating an Instagram account for your cute puppy has definitely crossed your mind at some point. Find out how you can make that happen!


As a proud pet parent, the thought of making a designated dog Instagram for your beloved puppy must have definitely crossed your mind. Every dog is cute, but it takes hard work and dedication to bring your dog to the heights of social media stardom. To find out what it takes, take a look at some of our tips to make your dog Instagram famous!

Article Summary

Consistency Is Key To Making Your Dog Insta-Famous.

Pretty much like everything else in life, being consistent is by far the most important aspect. Some people post twice a day while others post only once. It is important to keep in mind that overwhelming your audience with content is never a good idea. Stick to one photo or video a day and be creative with your captions.

Be sure to also post at least 3-4 Instagram stories to give your followers or your pet’s followers a glimpse into your dog’s daily life. Check out Brisbane pet photography services for professionally taken photos that are Instagram-worthy.

Professional photographers capture the unique personality of each pet, creating vibrant and engaging content that can increase your follower engagement. With their expertise, you can get a variety of shots, from playful action images to serene portraits, giving your followers a well-rounded view of your pet's life. Regularly updating with these professionally taken photos can attract new followers.

Understand Who Your Dog’s Instagram Followers Are.

Understand where your followers are located. Are they in the United States, Europe, or Asia? Understanding where most of your audience is allows you to pick the most suitable time to post, after all, you want as many people to engage with your content as much as possible. You don’t want to post when most of your followers are sleeping right?

Having a business account when you make your dog’s Instagram account really helps as it pretty much does all the analytics for you!

Social Events & Social Networking For Your Dog!

Almost the same concept as “going viral”, being featured on bigger social media accounts such as “Dogs Of Instagram” can drive more followers to your dog’s account. Make sure to follow other Instagram accounts of dogs and always like and comment on their content. Most likely, they will do the same for you.

In addition to engaging with other dog accounts, hosting or participating in collaborative posts can significantly boost your dog's social media presence. Organize themed photo challenges or co-host events with other popular accounts to increase visibility.

You can also use hashtags that are trending in the pet community to help your content reach a broader audience. This strategy not only enhances your follower count but also builds a community around your dog's brand, making your account a hub for like-minded pet lovers.

Moreover, consider leveraging stories and live sessions to create a more personal connection with your audience.

Live Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes clips, or day-in-the-life videos can give followers a glimpse into your dog’s personality and daily routines. Engaging directly with your audience in real time helps solidify their loyalty and increases the likelihood of them sharing your content with others. Regular updates and interactive content keep your followers invested and encourage more engagement, driving your dog's profile towards social media stardom.

Collaborate With Other Insta-Famous Dogs!

It’s always a good idea to collaborate with other pets on their climb to Instagram stardom. This allows you to expose your dog to their followers while also exposing their dogs to your followers. In other words, it's a win-win situation! Not only is it a great way to increase your followers but it's always great to make a new friend along the way!

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags!


The internet is a massive place, the amount of different content you can find on the internet is mind-boggling. Instagram is no different. In a place where users are constantly overwhelmed with content, the only way to find what you are looking for is to use hashtags. Using hashtags will allow pet lovers from around the world to find your Instagram posts and ultimately have them follow you. On Instagram, you can go to the hashtag tab and put in words such as “pets” or “dogs” and a list of all the most popular hashtags related to that word will pop up.

Offline Networking For Your Insta-Famous Dog!

Participating in different dog events can give you the opportunity to meet new people. Some people might have dogs that have already “made it”. You might meet some new people that you and your dog will get along with very well, and they might even invite you to other events in the future. It’s great socialization not just for you but for your dog as well.

Quality Over Quantity.

It’s always better to post one great photo than to post three good photos. You also can’t just take a cute picture and expect it to do amazingly well. The caption and the photo have to work together to get people engaged and make them want to share it with their friends or family. A funny little caption with a good video will go a long way. Also, don’t just keep posting the same types of pictures.

Make it interesting, a photo of your cute puppy when they're sleeping or even a video of them playing with their favorite toy can help gain more engagement for your posts.

If your dog tends to get camera-shy, check out our Merci Collective Crystal-infused Catnip for Dogs & Cats! Not only will it calm your pets during the photoshoot but they can produce some funny & insta - worthy reactions!

Understand Your Dog’s Personality And Use It!

It is never good to force your dogs to do something they don't want to do. If you know when your dogs will do something cute or funny, take advantage of that moment.

Maybe you know that your dog always comes for a quick cuddle after dinner time, try to capture that beautiful moment on camera and let your dog’s Instagram followers catch a glimpse of their cute personality. Maybe you have a husky and they love to argue back. Capture that moment and let your audience see how sassy your pet can be.

Make your dog’s personality a theme with the regular content you are dishing out, this also helps you think of a great caption to use as well!

Make Sure Your Dog Looks Picture Perfect For Instagram.

You don’t want to wash your dog too often as it washes away the natural oils in his coat, but regular brushing/grooming can be very beneficial for your dog. Not only is it a great bonding opportunity to have with your dog but you can ensure that your beloved pet is always picture perfect when you need to bring out that camera.

Check out our line of Merci Collective grooming products that will keep your dog smelling and looking fresh!

Manage Your Time Wisely.


Aside from taking a couple of hours of the day to post and engage with other dog accounts on Instagram. You should look to plan what your next content post will be. It is going to be a video of your dog walking in the park or interacting with other dogs? Or will it be a picture of your dog with their tongue out after a long hike? Giving yourself the needed time to think of new ideas will allow you to create better content that can be more engaging to your audience.

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