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Howlite The Confidence Healing Crystal for Dogs & Cats

Howlite is a healing crystal best known for boosting confidence in cats and dogs. This healing crystal promotes a better sleep cycle and is perfect for a shy dog or cat.

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In other words, Howlite is the healing crystal of calmness, anxiety reduction, and expression. This stone is responsible for feelings of soothing and focusing. A Howlite healing crystal is best if your dog or cat has low confidence or acts out with destructive behavior.

Article Summary

Has your dog or cat been acting strangely? Do they seem overly anxious or aggressive?

This little white Howlite is just as good for the physical body as it is for the spirit and mind.

With this healing crystal attached to your cat's or dog’s collar or harness, your furry friend is on track to an improved mood soon enough.

Howlite is known for aiding dogs with soft tissue problems and increasing calcium levels, to make your dog or cat feel big and strong. With physical strength comes strength in overall confidence, which in turn gives less need to rebel by chewing on the furniture, or purposely having an ‘accident’ in the house. Just imagine taking your doggie on a nice hike or a jog on the beach without worrying about how he may behave. You’ll see changes in your dog such as more stamina, energy, and joy. Your joy will be your dog's joy too!

What Are The Healing Specialties of Howlite for Dogs and Cats?

  • Assists with relaxing and releasing muscle tension, and increasing fading energy.

  • Helps with calcium absorption in bones and teeth.

  • Releases negative emotions like envy, anger, and fear.

  • Releases anxiousness which leads to more energy and restful sleep patterns.

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Howlite, a Behavior Aid for Dogs and Cats that need:

  • Training focus - helps a rebellious dog that likes to pull on the leash.

  • Confidence booster - gives an extra dose of “I can do it” vibes to skittish or shy dogs and cats

  • Reduces the need for your dogs’ destructive tendencies like chewing, accidents, or overall naughtiness.

If any of these behaviors sound similar to your dog’s or cat's current behavior, we urge you to try a Howlite stone. Not only will you watch your little friends’ bad behavior fade away, but you’ll also notice new and refreshing changes as well.

howlite healing crystal for dogs and cats

How will Howlite help my dog or cat?

Your dog will be vivacious, social, and more energetic soon after being introduced to the Howlite healing stone. Grab yours today and change your dog’s behavior for the better! You’ll be so glad you did. Simply place your Howlite on your dog's harness, water dish, or collar and they’ll be sure to reap tremendous benefits. Your friends and family will notice the difference too. If your dog or cat seems out of control, you can’t afford not to grab your Howlite stone and watch them transform.

Hope this article was helpful, for more information about crystal healing for dogs and cats please visit

FAQ - Howlite The Confidence Healing Crystal for Dogs & Cats

What is Howlite, and how does it benefit my pet?

Howlite is a type of healing crystal known for its calming properties, which can boost confidence and promote better sleep in both dogs and cats. It is also said to aid in reducing anxiety and aggressive behavior in pets.

Can Howlite affect the physical health of my pet?

What changes might I see in my pet after using Howlite?

How can Howlite help with my pet's training and behavior issues?

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